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Skuntank is a Tier 3 poison- and dark-type raid boss introduced with the 2019 Halloween Event. This Pokémon boasts a weakness only to ground-type Pokémon, but only has a defense stat of 132, making it a relatively easy raid boss solo, given you have the right counters for it. The catch CPs of Skuntank are as follows:

  • 1278 – 1347 CP for a regular encounter (Level 20)
  • 1597 – 1684 CP for a weather boosted encounter (Level 25, Fog, Cloudy)

Players with great ground-type counters can easily take on Skuntank alone, with or without a sunny weather boost, but if you are low leveled or just do not have the counters to take it on, we suggest groups of 2+.

Reasons you might want to raid a Skuntank? Possible Pokédex entry for those who have missed out on any boosted Stunky spawns, to put a check mark next to ‘Solo Skuntank’ on a solo list, want one for PVP, or just because you can? Whatever your reason, we are here to help you complete that goal in our raid guide.

Skuntank Raid Counters

Our Skuntank counters are solely derived from simulations run on the Go Hub Simulator. Simulations are always run with level 30 Pokémon, averaging all move sets and simulating lag and rejoining. Results may vary against different move sets, but this list is a comprehensive list with an ‘unknown move set’, no friend boost and no weather.

Skuntank counters
# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move
1. Garchomp Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground
2. Excadrill Mud Slap Ground Drill Run Ground
3. Rhyperior Mud Slap Ground Earthquake Ground
4. Groudon Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground
5. Hippowdon Thunder Fang Electric Earth Power Ground
6. Golurk Mud Slap Ground Earth Power Ground
7. Mamoswine Mud Slap Ground Bulldoze Ground
8. Dialga Metal Claw Steel Draco Meteor Dragon
9. Palkia Dragon Tail Dragon Hydro Pump Water
10. Golem Mud Slap Ground Earthquake Ground

Please note that as the list descends, Time to Win goes up, and your chances of completing a solo diminish. Since Skuntank’s only weakness is ground, the good ground types find their way at the top of the chart, and ‘powerhouse’ Pokémon, such as Dialga and Palkia, are thrown in towards the bottom. Does this mean that a Palkia is a bad choice? No, because it obviously has a place on the list for a reason, but would make the solo very challenging, especially if it is not maxed out at level 40, or a similarly high level.

Also note that sunny weather makes a difference in the counters, as lower tier ground-types such as Gastrodon, Rhydon and Flygon find a niche in the battle as well.

Move breakdown

Skuntank has access to the following moves:

Fast moves Charge moves
  • Poison Jab Poison
  • Bite Dark
  • Sludge Bomb Poison
  • Flamethrower Fire
  • Crunch Dark

Luckily, Skuntank does not have any moves that are threatening to ground-type Pokémon, so move set of the boss is not crucial to a successful solo. The easiest move set to go up against would have to be Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb, although it is Skuntank’s highest DPS move set, because ground-types are resistant to poison-type moves.

Bite, paired with Crunch or Flamethrower are the more difficult move sets to go up against. Skuntank will use Crunch more frequently, because it is a 3-bar move, which can cause Pokémon to faint quicker. Flamethrower can hit harder in sunny weather, but your ground-types are fighting back just as hard!

Weather Effects

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Boosts your Ground-type moves Boosts Skuntank’s Flamethrower
Partly Cloudy
Cloudy Boosts Skuntank’s Poison-type moves
Fog Boosts Skuntank’s Dark-type moves

Final Thoughts

Skuntank should be an easy check off for any player’s solo record, or perhaps a fun Earth Power Flygon raid challenge! None of Skuntank’s moves are detrimental to a solo, but still we recommend that you bring Pokémon that are level 30 or higher to the battle. Remember to bring those strong ground-types, and good luck!

Simulation Data

As mentioned, our simulations are run using level 30 counters, no weather, and no friend boost. If you have higher level counters, then you will have a lower death count, and a lower time to win, making the raid easier.

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Garchomp Mud Shot Earthquake 57.8s 0
2. Excadrill Mud Slap Drill Run 55.4s 0
3. Rhyperior Mud Slap Earthquake 61.9s 0
4. Groudon Mud Shot Earthquake 59.6s 1
5. Hippowdon Thunder Fang Earth Power 69.3s 1
6. Golurk Mud Slap Earth Power 61.5s 2
7. Mamoswine Mud Slap Bulldoze 63.2s 2
8. Dialga Metal Claw Draco Meteor 72.2s 1
9. Palkia Dragon Tail Hydro Pump 71.4s 0
10. Golem Mud Slap Earthquake 72.0s 2
11. Rayquaza Dragon Tail Outrage 68.6s 2
12. Swampert Mud Shot Hydro Cannon 74.2s 2
13. Salamence Dragon Tail Draco Meteor 70.8s 2
14. Nidoking Fury Cutter Earth Power 71.3s 2
15. Donphan Mud Slap Earthquake 72.4s 2
16. Metagross Bullet Punch Meteor Mash 72.9s 0
17. Moltres Fire Spin Sky Attack 74.7s 2
18. Flygon Mud Shot Earthquake 75.0s 2
19. Dragonite Dragon Tail Outrage 75.6s 2
20. Kyogre Waterfall Hydro Pump 80.4s 2
21. Gastrodon Mud Slap Earth Power 78.3s 2
22. Aerodactyl Rock Throw Earth Power 78.4s 2
23. Gastrodon Mud Slap Earth Power 78.7s 2
24. Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide 72.9s 3
25. Tyranitar Smack Down Stone Edge 86.6s 1
26. Blaziken Counter Blast Burn 76.3s 2
27. Entei Fire Fang Overheat 80.8s 2
28. Kingler Mud Shot Crabhammer 74.5s 3
29. Machamp Counter Dynamic Punch 79.1s 2
30. Hydreigon Dragon Breath Dragon Pulse 85.1s 2

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