Solo raiding the new Tier 3 Raids: Scyther, Omastar and Porygon

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A full guide on how to Solo Raid Porygon, Scyther and Omastar. This page servers as a guide to soloing the following new Tier 3 Raid bosses released on Nov 5 2017:

You can click on the names above to jump to a specific section. Ninetails boss is not included as it seems to be too difficult for meaningful solo raiding (similar to Flareon).

Soloing Tier 3 Porygon Raid

Porygon is a Tier 3 Raid Boss with 11419 Boss CP and 895 capture encounter CP (perfect 100% IV). Porygon should be super easy to solo, given it’s stat sum is the lowest among Tier 3 bosses. Porygon is only weak to fighting moves, so we’ll be countering it in the same fashion like we counter Tyranitar raids: with tons of Machamps and other Fighting type options.

Pokémon Counters
Machamp Counter fighting Dynamic Punch fighting
Heracross Counter fighting Close Combat fighting
Poliwrath Rock Smash fighting Dynamic Punch fighting
Mewtwo Confusion psychic Focus Blast fighting
Alakazam Confusion psychic Focus Blast fighting
Weakness  fighting

Soloing Tier 3 Scyther Raid

Scyther is a Tier 3 Raid Boss with 17358 Boss CP  and 1408 capture encounter CP (perfect 100% IV). Scyther is rather easy to solo, as it’s easy to abuse its double weakness to rock moves.

Solo players should focus on using the Pokemon listed below, while prioritizing Golem and Omastar. In order to minimize Scyther’s damage, try to dodge all specials (they all are 3 bar moves).

Pokémon Counters
Golem Rock Throw rock Stone Edge rock
Omastar Rock Throw rock Rock Slide rock
Moltres Fire Spin fire Overheat fire
Entei Fire Spin fire Overheat fire
Flareon Fire Spin fire Overheat fire
Weakness  2x rock electric fire flying ice

Soloing Tier 3 Omastar Raid

Omastar is a Tier 3 Raid Boss with 18915 Boss CP and 1534 capture encounter CP (perfect 100% IV). Omastar is a difficult fight and it requires a team of strong grass attackers that can leverage Omastar’s double weakness before it wipes you.

Don’t underestimate this fight, it is doable, but its difficulty is not in line with Scyther and Porygon raids.

Pokémon Counters
Exeggutor Bullet Seed grass Solar Beam grass
Victreebel Razor Leaf grass Leaf Blade grass
Venusaur Vine Whip grass Solar Beam grass
Machamp Counter fighting Dynamic Punch fighting
Raikou Thunder Shock electric Wild Charge electric
Zapdos Charge Beam electric Thunderbolt electric
Weakness  2x grass ground electric fighting

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  1. We need team rocket raids. Where team rocket takes over a gym (maybe capturing a mythical Pokemon?) and then you have to battle your way through grunts to the admin.

    • That was probably the original idea but was probably discarded when the Pokemon Co. didn’t accept it. Probably likely they didn’t want to emphasize any game with a specific villain organization with Ultra Sun and Moon about to come out.

      Pokemon Go feels like much story was planned but became unnaproved by the owners of the franchise. Leaving the game as an empty casket of what could have been.

      This is all just theorizing of my part of course.

      • yeah possibly. Or maybe a whole new team, but I dont understand why they can’t just use team rocket. It would be a great way to introduce mythical pokemon into the game (if you beat the rocket admin and can try to catch the mythical pokemon) and they wouldn’t even have to use like Giovanni, which maybe I can see that being the only problem.

  2. It have limited sense to mention Omaster with Rock Throw as attacker, becouse almost nobody have one with this legacy moveset …

    • Yes, I didn’t know Rock Throw is a legacy move until I read your post. I spent 3 or 4 Fast Change card to change my Omastar’s fast move, it can get Water Gun and Mud Shot only, never get Rock Throw. Now I understand. Damn

      • Be careful, never use more than 1 Fast Move TM to change the move. Most Pokemons only have two fast attack moves so using it once WILL get you the other option 100% and using it twice will get you back what you started 100%.

        I’m not completely sure ALL pokemon have ONLY two fast moves possible but most pokemon are like that.

        Charged moves will need more TMs as the list is longer.

    • I was about to post that till I read this. I solod porygon using 3 ursaring, machamp, donphan, and a dragonite (because I didn’t have another decent machamp to use). I’m level 32.

  3. Omaster solo RIP. 4x Execcute, 2x Venusaur with Solar Beam . Not totaly maxed. Dodge a few Acient power required.

  4. To add to this I wouldn’t say porygon is necessarily “easy” provided I am only level 32 and don’t have any of the 6 pokemon I used maxed and only had 1 machamp I barely was able to solo porygon. I had around 6 seconds left on the clock.

  5. Porygon has Electric and Grass moves (fast and charged) so Poliwrath is out of the question. Heracross, Machamp are great. Also nice are Exxegutor and Raikou. And as suggested a good Ursaring is also nice.

    Scyther is no problem, Golems are best with Rhydon helping (but Rhydon’s fast are atrocious against Scyther). Fire and Rock are beast. Maybe a Hurricane Dragonite might help. Do not use Psychics or Ghosts.

    For Omastar beware of Mud Shot vs Venasaur, Exxegutor fares much better. Raikou will hate Mud Shot which Zapdos will not worry about, but Zapdos will be destroyed by Charged Rock moves. Machamp and Poliwrath are also good options.

    Thanks Go Hub, you could include the list of their attacks, it’s not so space consuming.

    • Exeggutor with Solar Beam is decent option, done soloing porygon this morning
      Exeggutor (31), Machamp (30), Exeggutor(30), Machamp (30), the rest party is unused, im level 37 btw. Porygon had hidden power and solar beam. beat it with 10 sec left. im using Meizu M2 in case you wonder why take it so long to beat it.

  6. Just soloed an Omastar and agree with the article it’s no joke. Level 39 beat with 1 second left.

    Used 5 pokemon. None are fully powered up although if I were to do it again, I would power them up a few more times as well as switched the second vileplume with a Victreebel (it was my sixth slot, higher IV, same level).

    Exeggutor 2747 (lv36.5 93.3%)
    Exeggutor 2741 (lv36.5 91.1%)
    Venasaur 2276 (lv32.5 95.6%)
    Vileplume 1986 (lv30 88.9%)
    Vileplume 1904 (lv 29.5 66.7%)

    All have solar beam except one Vileplume with petal blizzard.

  7. Its true that Porygon is easy me and my 3 friends (4 of us) destroyed it with no super effective moves in about 30 seconds I don’t think it deserves to be 3 difficulty

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