Thundurus (Incarnate) Raid Counters Guide

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Thundurus is a Tier 5 Raid Boss with max Raid CP of 46044. It’s an Electric and Flying Pokemon with a Max CP of 3345. Very much like Tornadus and Landorus, he has two forms, the Incarnate Form and the Therian form. However, keep in mind that we will battle the Incarnate Form. The Therian form is yet to be announced. In this guide, we will cover the best counters to take down Thundurus,  the best strategies, and what CPs you should watch out for after your successful battle.

Following Tornadus in February, Thundurus is the legendary Pokémon from Unova that will be available on raids starting March 2nd. Here’s the guide with everything you need to know if you are going to battle the Thunder Pokemon.

Both forms of Thundurus can be taken down with three trainers under ideal conditions. However, it is recommended that you use between 4-6 high-level trainers or 7-9 lower level trainers when taking on this legendary raid boss.

Thundurus-Incarnate can be caught with the following Combat Power values:

  • 1861 – 1911 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 2326 – 2389 CP at Level 25 with Windy and Rainy weather boost


Thundurus Counters
Thundurus Counters

Thundurus counters

Supreme Thundurus raid counters
Rampardos Smack Down Rock Rock Slide Rock
Rampardos is the number one option to take down Thundurus with both Rock type moves and excellent performance in battle. Watch out for Brick Break Thundurus tough!
Mamoswine Powder Snow Ice Avalanche Ice
Super-effective, bulky and not afraid of anything that Thundurus has to offer.
Terrakion Smack Down Rock Rock Slide Rock
Pretty much like Rampardos, Terrakion is a beast against Thundurus, but you should exercise caution with Brick Break.
Rhyperior Smack Down Rock Rock Wrecker Rock
Thanks to Rhyhorn’s Community Day, Rhyperior is now a solid option with Rock Wrecker to smash Thundurus. Keep in mind Brick Break tough
Tyranitar Smack Down Rock Stone Edge Rock
Tyranitar is a solid option, but beware, because Thundurus has Brick Break, which can destroy it. If the list of suggested pokémon does not offer Tyranitar, its best to put it on the bench and go for all with it.
Great Thundurus raid counters
Glaceon Frost Breath Ice Avalanche Ice
Glaceon can do some damage to Thundurus thanks to it being a flying type. Glaceon its very squishy, so watch out closely for him, but he can do super effective damage nevertheless.
Weavile Frost Breath Ice Avalanche Ice
In the same scenario as Glaceon, Weavile is a very powerful ice type attacker that can deal a couple of super effective hits before he faints. Not a bad option either.
Mewtwo Psycho Cut Psychic Ice Beam Ice
Mewtwo is a strong Pokemon, a great generalist, and in this case, one can deal super effective damage without being a pure Ice Type Attacker. This is thanks to Ice Beam, so if you have some, go get Thundurs with it!
Gigalith Smack Down Rock Rock SlideRock
Gigalith moveset is pretty solid. Gigalith itself, not so much. Still, if you do not have proper rock type attackers, you can always bring Gigalith to finish the job.

Thundurus moves

Thundurus can have the following moves in a raid battle and when captured:

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Thunder Shock Electric
  • Astonish Ghost
  • Thunder Electric
  • Thunder Punch Electric
  • Crunch Dark
  • Brick Break Fighting

Thundurus simulation data

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche 621.0s 18
2. Rhyperior Smack Down Stone Edge 676.0s 15
3. Terrakion Smack Down Rock Slide 618.0s 21
4. Rampardos Smack Down Rock Slide 544.6s 31
5. Tyranitar Smack Down Stone Edge 659.2s 21
6. Glaceon Frost Breath Avalanche 641.6s 27
7. Weavile Ice Shard Avalanche 635.4s 28
8. Mewtwo Confusion Ice Beam 692.7s 25
9. Golem Rock Throw Stone Edge 753.0s 21
10. Alola Golem Rock Throw Stone Edge 755.6s 25
11. Regigigas Hidden Power Giga Impact 794.8s 26
12. Garchomp Dragon Tail Outrage 897.9s 15
13. Rayquaza Dragon Tail Ancient Power 812.2s 26
14. Jynx Frost Breath Avalanche 685.8s 38
15. Articuno Frost Breath Ice Beam 810.4s 27
16. Porygon-Z Lock On Blizzard 759.4s 32
17. Regirock Rock Throw Stone Edge 867.8s 23
18. Kyogre Waterfall Blizzard 810.2s 29
19. Regice Frost Breath Blizzard 882.8s 23
20. Salamence Dragon Tail Outrage 843.2s 27
21. Dialga Dragon Breath Draco Meteor 868.7s 24
22. Aerodactyl Rock Throw Rock Slide 719.0s 38
23. Palkia Dragon Tail Hydro Pump 856.7s 28
24. Dragonite Dragon Breath Draco Meteor 884.4s 26
25. Origin Giratina Dragon Tail Shadow Ball 950.3s 20
26. Excadrill Metal Claw Rock Slide 864.5s 26
27. Omastar Rock Throw Rock Slide 749.1s 38
28. Latios Dragon Breath Psychic 878.4s 26
29. Electivire Thunder Shock Ice Punch 872.2s 30
30. Aggron Smack Down Stone Edge 854.3s 31

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