Vivillon in Pokémon GO: Everything you need to know

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Scatterbug, Spewpa, and Vivillon have made their Pokémon GO debuts! Trainers worldwide are now able to collect Scatterbug’s whole Evolutionary line!

Learn how to use the new Postcards feature to collect all Vivillon forms, which regions feature particular Vivillon patterns, and how to evolve Scatterbug.

Official Vivillon promo video

Meet Scatterbug, Spewpa, and Vivillon

Vivillon (Vi-vi-yon), the Scale Pokémon, is known for its many different patterns.

Trainers can collect patterned Vivillon from all over the world by pinning Postcards received from Trainers, PokéStops, or Gyms in different regions.

Pinning Postcards from eligible regions unlocks the Vivillon Collector medal and adds progress to sub-medals associated with the Postcard’s region of origin.

Progressing on sub-medals leads to encounters with Scatterbug. Scatterbug from different regions evolve into Vivillon with different patterns!

How to get Vivillon in Pokémon GO

In order to get a Vivillon, you first need to get Scatterbug, its first-stage evolution. To get an encounter with Scatterbug, you need to pin Postcards you receive from a friend. Pining a postcard will make progress on the Vivillon collector medal associated with this location.

If you collect several Postcards from a certain region, you’ll have a chance to encounter a Pokémon. Early reports indicate that the number of Postcards you need to pin is initially 3, then it grows to 9, and then to 15 Postcards from the same region to encounter a Scatterbug. 

Pin Postcards to encounter Scatterbug from a particular region
Pin Postcards to encounter Scatterbug from a particular region

Once you obtain a Scatterbug, the Pokémon’s details screen shows which Vivillon pattern will be obtained after evolving it. If you run away from the Scatterbug encounter, or if the game crashes on you, don’t worry – you can still encounter Scatterbug from the map which is available when you click on the new Vivillon Collector medal.

Fortunately, it is not super hard to evolve Scatterbug into Vivillon, as first stage evolution takes 25 Candy, and second stage takes 100 Candy. In total, to evolve all Vivillon patterns, you will have to obtain 2500 Candy.

Here are the evolution requirements for Scatterug and Spewpa:

Pokémon Requirement Evolution
Scatterbug 25 Candy Spewpa
Spewpa 100 Candy Vivillon
  • You can use 25 Scatterbug Candy to evolve Scatterbug into Spewpa
  • You can use 100 Scatterbug Candy to evolve Spewpa into Vivillon

Vivillon patterns in Pokémon GO and where to find them

Scatterbug from different regions will eventually evolve into Vivillon with different patterns. These patterns are affected by the climate of their habitat, and 18 patterns of Vivillon have been discovered in Pokémon GO so far. If you collect several Postcards from a certain part of the world, you may encounter a Scatterbug that will evolve into a Vivillon with a pattern from one of the following habitats.

Official Vivillon Map

We recommend you download and save this map of Vivillon Patterns in Pokémon GO. This is the official map provided by Niantic, and although there is a high likelihood that a better, more detailed community powered map will come in the future, this is the best one we have for now.

Map of Vivillon Patterns in Pokémon GO
Map of Vivillon Patterns in Pokémon GO

Good luck catching those Polar and Tundra patterns tho… For those looking for an easier way to collect all Vivillon patterns, Reddit has stepped up and there is now a /r/VivillonCollectors subreddit.

Vivillon Pattern Regions

This table will be updated as we gain further information on regions for these various patterns. Some borders and boundaries have been adjusted from the Vivillon locations in the main series games, so more investigation is needed to confirm the specifics.

Pattern Regions  
  • Caribbean
  • South Africa
Archiepalgo Vivillon
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Central Asia
  • India
Continental Vivillon
  • Japan
Elegant Vivillon
  • Currently unreleased
Fancy Vivillon
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
Garden Vivillon
High Plains
  • Western United States
  • Eastern Europe
High Plains Vivillon
Icy Snow
  • Greenland
  • Northern Canada
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden
Icy Snow Vivillon
  • Colombia
  • Northern South America
  • Central Africa
  • Indonesia
Jungle Vivillon
  • Chile
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Spain
Marine Vivillon
  • France
  • Italy
Meadow Vivillon
  • Eastern United States
Modern Vivillon
  • Southeast Asia
Monsoon Vivillon
  • Hawaii
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Madagascar
Ocean Vivillon
  • Currently unreleased
Pokeball Vivillon
  • Alaska
  • Eastern Canada
  • Western Canada
  • Southern Argentina and Chile
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
Polar Vivillon
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • South Australia
River Vivillon
  • Middle East
Sandstorm Vivillon
  • Brazil
  • North Australia
Savana Vivillon
  • Mexico
  • Madagascar
Sun Vivillon
  • Iceland
  • Southern Norway
  • Sweden
  • North Japan
Tundra Vivillon

Vivillon Patterns

There are 20 Vivillon patterns in total, but two of them are reserved for special event distribution, or at least that’s what was the case in the main series games. These two are Fancy and Pokéball patterns, and are marked with italic font in the table below.

Vivillon Patterns
Archiepalgo Vivillon


High Plains Vivillon High Plains Modern Vivillon Modern River Vivillon River
Continental Vivillon Continental Icy Snow Vivillon Icy Snow Monsoon Vivillon Monsoon Sandstorm Vivillon Sandstorm
Elegant Vivillon Elegant Jungle Vivillon Jungle Ocean Vivillon Ocean Savann Vivillon Savanna
Polar Vivillon Polar Marine Vivillon Marine Sun Vivillon Sun Tundra Vivillon Tundra
Garden Vivillon Garden Meadow Vivillon Meadow Fancy Vivillon Fancy Pokeball Vivillon Pokéball

Vivillon Collector Medal

Vivillon Collector Medal mechanics
Vivillon Collector Medal mechanics

Vivillon Collector medal is a new medal that helps Trainers keep track of their pattern collection. When a Trainer pins a Postcard, they will unlock this new medal and see a short explanation of how to encounter Scatterbug.

Trainers will also be able to collect sub-medals within the Vivillon Collector medal by pinning Postcards. Trainers can pin both their own Postcards and Postcards they receive from friends. These sub-medals are associated with the different Vivillon pattern regions. Collect different sub-medals to encounter Scatterbug from around the world.

Vivillon Medal count explained

The first sub-medal requires collecting three Postcards from a region associated with the Vivillon patterns.

After completing a sub-medal, Trainers can continue to make progress toward that sub-medal to earn additional encounters with Scatterbug. The number of Postcards required to raise the sub-medal rank increases each rank.

Early research shows that this number increases up to 15 Postcards:

  • 1st encounter with Scatterbug from the same region: 3 Postcards
  • 2nd encounter with Scatterbug from the same region: 9 Postcards
  • Additional encounters with Scatterbug from the same region: 15 Postcards
You can pin up to three of your own Postcards per day to make progress towards the medal. More than that requires pinning Postcards from your in-game friends.

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