Magikarp Jump Support Pokémon

Magikarp Jump
Magikarp Jump

Support Pokémon are unique additions in Magikarp Jump that enable you to gain boosts in combat and outside of battle.

How to use Support Pokémon in Magikarp Jump?
Outside battle, swim up to the top of the Aquarium and your support will give you a bonus (depends on the Support’s ability). Follow the chart below, as you can gain the bonus only once per recharge.


In battles, the effect is different. 1 Star Support will give you a flat 5% boost to Jump Power. Higher Level ranks can give a 25% Jump Power boost!

How to power up Support Pokémon?
You can boost Support Pokémon using Candy which you collect through finishing leagues, leveling and gaining experience.

Magikarp Jump Supporting Pokémon
Sprite Pokémon Item Ability Recharge Unlock via
Pikachu Light Ball Increases Pokémon’s Jump Power 1:30h Complete Friend League
Charizard Charcoal Provides gifts: Training Soda, Power Up, LP Restore, Skill Restore, Purse of Coins, Sack of Coins 12h 600 ?
Snorlax Leftovers Receive 10 Food 0:50h 500 ?
Slowpoke Damp Rock Restores a Support Ability 12h 350 ?
Litten Flame Plate Increases Pokémon’s Jump Power 3:30h 250 ?
Popplio Splash Plate Makes Treasure appear 7h 500 ?
Rowlet Meadow Plate Receive more money 4h 450 ?
Piplup Mystic Water Restores 1 Training 1:30h Complete Quick League
Meowth Amulet Coin Gives amount of coins 2:30h Complete Great League
Bulbasaur Miracle Seed Restores your League Energy 4h Complete Luxury League
Greninja Shell Bell Increases Pokémon’s Jump Power 5h 500 ?
Gengar Black Sludge Increase JP gain by 50% for 1 Minute 14h 600 ?