Conkeldurr as a Fighting-type Raid attacker: Quick Analysis without Brutal Swing

Timburr Community Day takes place on Sunday, October 15, at 2pm-5pm local time. Any Conkeldurr evolved between 2pm-10pm will learn the CD move Brutal Swing Dark.

Brutal Swing is practically useless if you want to use Conkeldurr as a raid attacker (it’s great in PvP though). However, Conkeldurr is already very relevant with its existing moves, as we’ll cover in this article.

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Charts: Current fighting attackers

Fighting attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE.
Conkeldurr vs. Lucario (L40 not friends)

Charts: Future fighting attackers

Future Fighting attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE.
Shadow Conkeldurr vs. Shadow Lucario vs. Terrakion (L40 not friends)

Main Points

For a TL;DR, read the main paragraphs and ignore bullets.

Even without the CD move, Conkeldurr is still an excellent raid attacker, one of the best non-legendary non-shadow non-megas. The CD move (Brutal Swing) is useless in raids, but it doesn’t take away what Conkeldurr already does.

For new and casual players, this is your best chance to get a “cheap” fighting-type team.

  • Aim for up to 6 fighting attackers. If you want to save stardust, fill the holes with level 30-35 (high CP) evolved from wild-caught Timburrs without powering up, regardless of IVs.

If you’re a not new player, only you can decide whether you still need more Conkeldurrs on your team. The CD should benefit the majority of players, but not those that already have an insane, premium team.

  • Those “power players” may want to get XLs for future Shadow Conkeldurr, though, if you think you’ll still be playing by then.

Conkeldurr vs. Lucario

While I think the conventional wisdom of “Lucario is better because of higher DPS” is largely true, there are big caveats.

  • Lucario is faster but much glassier.
  • At the same level, Lucario “beats” Conkeldurr most of the time. But when it’s bad (fighting or ground moves from the boss), it’s really, really, really bad. That’s why my Average Scaled Estimator (ASE) ends up having them being equal.
  • A mixed team is probably the way to go. Either that, or watch out for “bad” charged moves and dodging them.

Also, Conkeldurr is much easier to XL than Lucario after this CD.

Imgur Links and Additional Charts

General attacker charts: ASE, ASTTW* and ASE Dodge*


* indicates additional charts that are not in the main post.

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