Gardevoir: Phenomenal Psychic or Fantastic Fairy?


General Overview

Pokémon Attack Defense Stamina
Gardevoir 237 220 136

The premiere fairy type of Generation Three, Gardevoir brings a presence to an interesting typing combination only found in one other Pokémon (e.g. Mr. Mime). With the stats to cement itself as a Fighting-type wall, and access to charge moves that benefit from both Psychic and Fairy, is Gardevoir a top tier choice? Let’s take a look!


Pokémon Fast Move Charge Move DPS (Fast/Charge)
Gardevoir Charge Beam Dazzling Gleam 9.09 / 40.86
Confusion Dazzling Gleam 18.13 / 40.86
Charge Beam Shadow Ball 9.09 / 39.67
Confusion Shadow Ball 18.13 / 39.67
Charge Beam Psychic 9.09 / 51.07
Confusion Psychic 18.13 / 51.07

Dazzling Gleam and Psychic battle it out for best charge move. Psychic deals out more DPS per use, but Dazzling Gleam is the closest thing to a Fairy-type Shadow Ball, being a two-bar charge move. Since Shadow Ball is only useful against Ghost types (who are in return super effective against Gardevoir) and Psychic types (which Gardevoir is not a top tier choice against), it’s utility is far less noticeable than the former two moves.

While Dazzling Gleam does have a longer cooldown compared to Psychic (3.5 seconds per use compared to 2.8 seconds), it is preferred against any Dragon (Dragonite, Salamence, Rayquaza, and Latios/Latias once/if they are released). If going for pure DPS, Confusion/Dazzling Gleam is the better choice. Charge Beam nets more energy per use, but Confusion does *nearly twice* the damage per use (type effectiveness not included, which really only helps in arguing for in Confusion’s favor.)

Gardevoir: Pros and Cons in Current Meta Usage

It remains as one of the few solid checks against Fighting types that have use of moves that are super effective against Fighting. Gardevoir’s stats completely overshadow Xatu, and Mr. Mime’s horridly low Stamina stat (and lower Attack stat) and status as a regional (read: very limited accessibility) prevent it from becoming legitimate competition. Gardevoir’s strength lies in their ability to take down Dark, Fighting, and Dragon types in Dazzling Gleam (i.e. Tyranitar, Machamp/Hariyama, Dragonite/Salamance/Flygon). Psychic excels in taking down Poison types, but Poison is super effective against Fairy, limiting such usage of Gardevoir in those cases (as well as Poison not being particularly useful in the meta currently).

It also faces fierce competition from the likes of Espeon, Alakazam, Metagross, and Mewtwo as Psychic types, who we’ll be taking a look at below, along with future Psychic types to be found in Generation Four and beyond. Don’t think we haven’t left future Fairy ‘mons out either.

Gardevoir: The Future of Fairies

Pokémon Attack Defense Stamina
Gallade 237 220 136
Azelf 270 151 150
Mesprit 212 212 160
Uxie 156 270 150
Cresselia 152 263 240
Victini 210 210 200
Alakazam 271 194 110
Espeon 261 194 130
Metagross 257 248 160
Mewtwo 300 248 160

The phrase “a dime a dozen” comes to mind when discussing Gardevoir’s current and future relevant Psychic type competition. Gallade, Metagross, and Victini might see potential use as Fighting, Steel, and Fire users respectively, but that is as much leeway as can be given. Grumpig and Claydol are respectable Pokémon to stick in a gym if you want your daily coins without sacrificing a decent attacker in Gardevoir. To be quite frank, the future does not look good for Gardevoir as a Psychic type. Legendaries are given great accessibility as raid bosses, so Gardevoir’s future relevance will likely reside in its use as a Fairy type.

Pokémon Attack Defense Stamina
Clefable 178 171 190
Wigglytuff 156 93 280
Granbull 212 137 180
Togekiss 225 227 170

Clefable has a lesser attack and defense stat. Wigglytuff’s excellent Stamina is brought down by it’s abysmal Defense. Granbull might see some usage, but it’s only STAB move is Play Rough, which leaves it’s usage as a Fairy type lackluster at best. The one Pokémon to keep an eye on is Togekiss. It’s Attack and Defense stat are very similar to Gardevoir’s. However, it’s Stamina is nearly 35 points higher, with an additional immunity to Ground. Of course, Togekiss takes increased damage from Electric, Ice, and Rock because of it being a Flying type, but if Togekiss is granted a Fairy fast move, it would be the first Pokémon to run double Fairy moves. This will see usage against some Generation Four legendaries (Palkia, Giratina, and Darkrai, to name a few). That being said, Gardevoir will see more use as a Fairy in the future, if it wants to remain relevant in the future meta, Gen. 4 and beyond.

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