Gym Battling Strategies

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Gym Battling is one of the most important meta-game aspects in Pokémon Go, and while you may know from our series of meta articles this month what the best Pokémon are with what moves, you may want to know what the best ways are to put them to use sweeping gyms. Thats where this article will come into play, letting you know some of the quickest and most reliable ways to take a gym quickly.

Teamwork is Key

Simply put, the best way to try and topple a gym is with a team of trainers, as at max a single defender feeding can prolong one Pokémon battle up to 23 different battles with its max 10 berry limit. This is not even mentioning multiple feeders and a team of 6 defenders, so while it is realistic that one individual might be able to eventually take a gym over that is being heavily fed, it is much quicker to speed it up with a coordinated team effort. The quickest way is using three people, generally high level players that can reliably take the biggest gym threats out quickly, like Blissey, Snorlax, Vaporeon, and Chansey.

The Gym Rotation

Alright, take 3 attackers, Trainers X, Y, and Z, going against 6 attackers, Blissey, Chansey, Snorlax, Vaporeon, Muk, and Gardevoir (1,2,3,4,5, and 6 for simplicity). A tough lineup, but X, Y, and Z are powerful trainers using meta-defining Pokémon such as Machamp, Raikou, Groudon, and Mewtwo.

One of the quickest ways is through a rotation system, trainer X starts first, attacks 1, and decreasing motivation 1/3, where at that point, once X starts attacking 2, trainer Y should be following suit with attacking 1. Then, once X finishes 2 and moves to 3, trainer Y should have moved to attacking 2, and trainer Z should be starting the end of the rotation with the weakened 1.

So basically, you have three trainers, always one Pokémon ahead of one another, and constantly cycling through the rotation until either the Pokémon gets knocked out on the first rotation by trainer Z, or until they eventually get depleted of all their berries and get knocked out, hopefully under the 30 minute limit for berry feeding.

This is difficult to pull of, as sometimes Pokémon like Blissey will always take longer than others, but tight coordination will solve this issue. This can then be done with more and more trainers, adding more to the teams or making a tight coordination of 6 or more constantly hitting at least one Pokémon at any given time.

Pokémon to Use

This of course requires meta-defining Pokémon as previously mentioned, so as a courtesy, here are some the best from some of the articles this month that can go toe-to-toe with any defender and knock them out quickly so as to not ruin any coordinated effort.

Pokémon Moves
  • Counter Fighting
  • Dynamic Punch Fighting
  • Thundershock Electric
  • Wild Charge Electric
  • Psycho Cut Psychic
  • Shadow Ball Ghost
  • Focus Blast Fighting
  • Waterfall Water
  • Hydro Pump Water
  • Mud Slap Ground
  • Earthquake Ground
  • Solar Beam Grass
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
  • Outrage Dragon

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