Making the Master League Flinch with Togekiss

Togekiss FairyFlying

Among the many meta relevant Pokémon of the Master League, if there is one mon that has carved an ultra-specific niche for itself, it’s the formidable Togekiss. 

Don’t let that smile and all that adorable ‘charm’ fool you. This round (almost), white (even its shiny is… white?) and fluffy (for sure) flying egg thing is the result of Togepi making a demon deal with Giratina and ending up as a threat of high alert.

It terrorizes dragons, fighters and monsters of the darkness; three extremely meta relevant types. This alone makes Togekiss a must-have for your ML line-up.

However, Togekiss is worth much more. In fact, it really is one of the best Pokémon for the ML meta. Hence, this article explores the analysis of its Fairy type in the upper echelons of PvP and gives you a detailed outlook into its various match-ups, highlighting why exactly it is absolutely savage in battles.

Whether you like your eggs poached or scrambled, you would surely like it to be Togekiss! Bad jokes aside, let’s get into the good things that it offers!

Typing, Strengths and Weaknesses

Togekiss is a Fairy and Flying type Pokémon and as such, is weak to the Electric, Ice, Poison, Rock and Steel types. 

While it does have its string of weaknesses, it packs some impressive resistances that include the following:

Table of resistances showing how much damage Togekiss takes from the types it resists

0.391x damage taken 0.625x damage taken
Bug Dark
Dragon Grass


Go on… Outrage? Dynamic Punch? Earthquake? Togekiss just laughs them off!


Togekiss has the following stats in Pokémon Go:

Togekiss Fairy Flying
Max CP at Level 40 3332 | Max CP at Level 50 3767
ATK 225 DEF 219 HP 198
Weak to Strong Against
Electric Ice Poison Rock Steel Dark Dragon Fighting Grass Bug


Togekiss has pretty balanced stats; almost like a bulky starter with good ATK that just about works for it in battles.

Now that should give you a clue on why Togekiss is so good. You see, what makes starters click in the meta is their access to exclusive Community Day moves.

In a similar fashion, Togekiss has a huge ace up its sleeve (err, wing). So let’s check out its moveset, shall we?

Moveset Analysis

Togekiss learns the following moves in Pokémon Go:

Fast Moves Charged Moves
  • Charm Fairy
  • Air Slash Flying
  • Hidden Power Normal
  • Ancient Power Rock
  • Dazzling Gleam Fairy
  • Flamethrower Fire
  • Aerial Ace Flying


Fast move analysis

Fast move Damage Per Turn [DPT] Energy Per Turn [EPT] Cooldown
Charm 5.33 2.00 1.50 sec
Air Slash 3.00 3.00 1.50 sec
Hidden Power Normal 3.00 2.66 1.50 sec


Right off the bat, Air Slash is literally the threshold fast move in the meta. The [3.00/3.00] baseline basically suggests a move with average DPT as well as EPT. In this regard, Air Slash is an acceptable move on Togekiss; even gaining STAB in the process.

Hidden power is a bad move. Even more so, ‘kiss has a Normal type HP. Pass.


The Fairy typing was long overdue a STAB fast move and it scored big… homerun! Charm is the alpha and the omega of fast moves in Pokémon Go… it deals the most damage in the game but also generates energy the slowest.

And this is exactly what makes Togekiss so dangerous. In fact, this fast move alone can make Togekiss win numerous battles. No baiting, no charged move usage, no farming, no BS… just an unadulterated fast move that shreds apart opponents that don’t resist it, and even when they do, Charm does quite a number actually!

Charged move analysis

Charged move Damage Energy required
Ancient Power* 45 45
Dazzling Gleam 110 70
Flamethrower 90 55
Aerial Ace 55 45

*12.5% chance to increase ATK and DEF by 2 stages

The only drawback of the heavy-hitting Charm is that it is painstakingly slow. It isn’t really a bad thing because, with that DPT, even a slight improvement in EPT would have made it more OP.

As such, logic concludes that low energy charged moves should benefit a Charm Togekiss.

Dazzling Gleam is its most expensive charged move and with Charm’s DMG, using Dazzling Glean is totally redundant.

Ancient Power is one of its two cheapest charged moves and with that chance to buff your stats to skyrocketing levels, it is almost a mandatory choice. Yes, the buff chances are low but in those events that it does happen, you can turn the tables in even the most unfavourable battles. This is strange because Ancient Power in the Main Series Games buffs all the user’s stats by 1 stage. However, Pokémon Go makes it a boost of 2 frigging stages!

Unfair? Sure. Then say that to Charm which does absolutely no damage in the MSG but is the most damaging fast move in Pokémon Go. 

So Ancient Power is a yes yes.

Aerial Ace is the other cheapest charged move here and it actually deals 10 more damage than Ancient Power for the same energy cost. While this sounds tempting, it should be noted that Flying type isn’t all that useful for Togekiss. The scarcity of Bug and Grass types, and the super-effectiveness of Charm against Fighting types renders Aerial Ace unnecessary.

Which leaves us with Flamethrower.

Flamethrower deals a good DMG and costs 10 more energy than Ancient Power. However, the Fire typing helps Togekiss to deal with Steel and Ice, two of its glaring weaknesses. As a bonus, it also arrests Bug and Grass types when required! Sorry, Aerial Ace!

Even potentially ML meta relevant Bug and Grass types like Volcarona and Zarude can be dealt with by using Ancient Power and Charm respectively.

One can also add the fact that with a shield and a favourable matchup, Togekiss can actually farm a Flamethrower and possibly burn off a chunk of an incoming Steel type health. Or at least, it can force a shield.

So what is Togekiss’ ideal PvP moveset?

Pair Charm with Ancient Power and Flamethrower. 

Performance in the Master League

Against Dragon types

As the Master League’s most dominant Fairy type, Togekiss is a nightmare for most Dragon types. With Charm’s massive super-effective damage, it shreds down tough dragons with grace and mostly, doesn’t need to shield their attacks. But there are exceptions and misconceptions built around the performance of ‘kiss against the mighty dragons of ML. So let’s check it out!


The OG pseudo legendary dragon can’t touch Togekiss even with a flurry of Dragon Claw attacks and its only draw lies in the STAB Hurricane, which deals massive neutral damage if unshielded by Tog.

In the (1-1) shield scenario, Dragonite won’t even get to a Hurricane. In the (0-0) scenario, Dnite’s Hurricane robs Togekiss’ HP by dishing out a 103 DMG but still not enough a KO it. With 2 Charms, ‘kiss will take down D’nite and be left with roughly 1/7th of its HP.


Being Dragon/Ground type, Harchomp is allegedly in a really sorry state against the Fairy/Flying profile of Togekiss. However, Chomp does have one advantage to boast: Sand Tomb.

Coupled with Mud Shot, Garchomp can actually hit two Sand Tomb attacks to bring down Togekiss’ DEF by 2 stages at the end.

Fire Blast Garchomp is a super spice concept in the ML meta, especially when Earth Power and Sand Tomb do the anti-steel job wayyyyy better and that too, with STAB. In the fun chance that you’re running Fire Blast Chomp, the 109 DMG won’t KO Togekiss but certainly take out some of its HP. But, you will still lose.


Hax lacks anything that packs a punch against Togekiss. Punches or, in this case, claws and slashes, wouldn’t do a thing against kisses.


Hydreigon… umm, let’s not talk about Hydreigon against Togekiss at all, please. 2x Fairy weakness ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Goodra can actually trouble Togekiss if it has Sludge Wave! While that massive 116 DMG won’t KO if the battle started off against a full HP Tog, it can KO Togekiss if ‘kiss started off with around 75% of its health.


Space dragon Palkia may have lost its Ice type weakness but it’s still weak to Fairy and Charm cuts it down to size.


Finally, the most interesting Dragon type to square off against Togekiss. This time dragon is part Steel and as such, is not weak to Fairy types. It takes neutral damage from Fairy attacks and this is where many people forget a very important factor: heavy neutral damage still hurts bad! This is exactly why Outrage is widely feared even though it’s only super-effective against Dragon types (Draco Meteor too but its damage is OP).

Togekiss’s Charm vs Dialga’s most common Dragon Breath is nearly a one-sided affair wherein Dragon Breath is a breeze while Charm tears down Dialga slowly. And Dialga’s unshielded, STAB Iron Head still won’t KO Togekiss theoretically, with Togekiss still needing a charged move to win.

In the (1-1) scenario, Dialga picks up the win but ends up with barely 16% of its HP.


Zekrom is an amazing mon because of its Dragon/Electric typing. So it should have a really interesting outing against Togekiss.

In the (1-1), Togekiss totally disconnects Zekrom because of the costly Wild Charge DEF debuff.

In the (0-0), Zekrom shocks Togekiss by beating it!


Reshiram is Zekrom’s Dragon/Fire counterpart and while the electrifying dragon has an offensive advantage against Togekiss, Reshiram’s Fire sub-typing helps it take only neutral damage against ‘kiss instead of super-effective damage.

In the (0-0), Reshiram fires on all its cylinders and can actually beat Togekiss!

And guess what? Reshiram beats Togekiss in the (1-1) as well!

BONUS! Eternatus

Eternatus is a Poison Dragon type legendary from Gen 8 and is in line to steal away that ML throne from Dialga on its arrival.

While both Dialga and Eternatus take neutral damage from Fairy, Eternatus is a lot bulkier and has a more convincing win against Togekiss even with Dragon Tail as the fast move.

In the (0-0) scenario, Eternatus definitely wins against Togekiss, cementing its superiority once again.

Against Fighting types


In the (0-0) shield scenario, Togekiss beats Machamp with Rock Slide quite convincingly.


In the (0-0) scenario, Togekiss beats Conkeldurr, although not as easy as it does with Machamp

Against Groudon and Kyogre

Togekiss often goes up against these two Hoenn stalwarts and the battle does end up getting really interesting!


In the (0-0) scenario, despite a fury of Fire Punches, the only standing Groudon has against Togekiss, this continental behemoth goes down bad to Togekiss.

In the (1-10), it is pathetic. Togekiss doesn’t even need to get to a charged move and goes don hard to Charm. This also leaves Togekiss with a charged move ready for the next mon of yours, if any.


Kyogre fares much better than its Ground type rival against Togekiss for obvious reasons. While Groudon’s Mud Shot and Dragon Tail do nothing to ‘kiss, Kyogre’s powerful Waterfall and Surf beat a Togekiss hand down, leaving Kyogre with some health for your next mon.

Against Mewtwo

While Mewtwo convincingly Psystrikes the feathers out of Togekiss in (0-0), Togekiss puts up quite a fight in the (1-1) where Mewtwo barely wins. A single boost can help Togekiss steal the victory.

Against Gyarados

Togekiss easily beats Dragon Breath Gyarados in both (1-1) and (0-0)

However, Togekiss has a tough time beating Waterfall Gyarados in (0-0) and just, literally just manages to beat Waterfall Gyarados in (1-1)

Against Landorus Therian

The Ground/Flying legendary Genie has the upper hand against Togekiss.

Togekiss hardly manages to beat Lando-T in (1-1) but surprisingly loses to Lando-T in (0-0)

Lando-T’s unbelievable energy gains from Mud Shot and high DPS-backed Stone Edge destroys Togekiss.

This is one Ground type that Togekiss truly fears!

Against Zacian and Zamazenta


In the (1-1), Togekiss has an intense battle against Zacian with Wild Charge to earn a hard-earned victory.

While Togekiss can tank one Wild Charge from Zac in (1-1), when the shields are down, it goes down to two Wild Charge spams in (0-0)


Whether it’s (0-0) or (1-1), it’s Charm, Charm and Charm all the way for ‘kiss.

Against Steel types

The Steel types form the true nightmare for Togekiss, wherein our fairy becomes utterly helpless.


Metagross mashes this fairy and sends it to the stars above. In many cases, Togekiss is a ‘farm fest’ for the arachnid pseudo legendary.


Excadrill doesn’t even need STAB Steel moves to beat Togekiss. It’s just Rock Slide to victory for Exca.


Melmetal, well… Togekiss is screwed big time.

Against Rock types


Rhyperior’s showdown against Togekiss depends a lot on its moveset.

With Mud-Slap

Mud-Slap Rhyperior beats Togekiss in the (0-0)

In (1-1), Myd-Slap Rhyperior wins but had a hard time claiming the victory

With Smack Down

Smack Down Rhyperior betas Togekiss in both (1-1) and (0-0)


Tyranitar is an interesting case. Smack Down is always the way to go in the ML but Ttar is also weak to Fairy type honcho beats Togekiss in (1-1) and (0-0)

Against Swampert

Togekiss beats Swampert in both (1-1) and (0-0), surprisingly being left with almost the same amount of HP in both cases!

Against Yveltal

Togekiss eats Yveltal-bacon all day long in both (1-1) and (0-0). Ezz grub.

Against Darkrai with Sludge Bomb

So Darkrai gets the much-WTF Sludge Bomb instead of the much-anticipated Dark Void in October 2021. Since you aren’t going to use Darkrai against Fairy types in PvE, one only speculates that the intent behind giving this Poison type move to Darkrai is to force Togekiss to use a shield, something it typically wouldn’t do for Dark Pulse (a Dark type clone of Sludge Bomb).

But what if Darkrai hits Togekiss with Sludge Bomb?

Well, it turns out that a Sludge Bomb from Darkrai would remove roughly 61% of Togekiss’ health and it is probably not surprising that Togekiss takes the win, surviving with around 1/3rd of its total HP.

Nice try, Darkrai but you don’t get the job done.

Fairy Wind helpful much?

Fairy Wind had been found in the game master and can be live in Pokémon Go any day now?

We speculate it to have lower damage than Charm but with faster energy gains. Would that help Togekiss?


But in Togekiss’ case, it’s up for debate. Charm honestly makes Togekiss seriously good.

Most importantly, even if Fairy Wings is a Mud Shot clone, the 70 energy cost of Dazzling Gleam is too much. To give you an analogy, it’s like Mud Shot Garchomp using a STAB move that costs 5 more energy than Earthquake! Geez!

Togekiss’ cheaper charged move options don’t do it any favours. Yeah, maybe become a threat to Steel types but that’s about it.

Charm will always remain Togekiss’ weapon of mass destruction. While it’s merely speculation now, I feel that Fairy Wing can benefit other fairies better.

Togekiss? It’s all about the Charm.

Parting Words

So there you have it! Togekiss is undoubtedly a huge asset to any team and can put in a spirited effort with Charm, even in times where all hope is lost. In those lucky situations, a Flamethrower would definitely force a Steel type to shield or take quite a lot of HP out of them.

In any case, raising a high IV Togekiss is totally worth it. Just make sure you have that 15 ATK, at least 14 DEF and 13 HP to ensure an amazing performance by ‘kiss. You can also Best Buddy it make it excel. Trust me, it’ll be worth it!

Scrambled eggs? Egg sandwich? *Chef’s kiss*

Fairy in the Master League? *Togekiss*

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My name is Niladri Sarkar. A Team Valor Trainer, I'm a Pokémon Battle Mechanics Specialist & a Dragon Master on Smogon's Pokémon Showdown where I particularly excel with Dragon types and Weather teams in Ubers / OU. I love to apply my vast knowledge and experience to the ever changing meta of Pokémon Go, specialising in DPS/TDO math, movesets, the Master League and Dragon types. Garchomp is my best Pokémon pal through and through.

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