Volcarona, Kleavor and Mega Pinsir as Raid Attackers (Very Quick Preliminary Analysis)

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No way I can finish the full analysis before raid day starts. In fact, due to extremely busy IRL schedule, I’ll have to stop working on this until just before Mega Pinsir enters raids.

This very quick preliminary article is for those who need this to decide how much they should care about Kleavor raid day or Larvesta eggs.


Volcarona is best non-mega bug type, but “only” virtually identical to Chandelure in practice, both as fire types and as anti-psychic counters (bug and ghost). Worse than Reshiram, Hydreigon, etc.

Kleavor is currently bad because it doesn’t have a bug or rock fast move. Even if it gets fast moves, only as good as Vikavolt/Genesect/Yanmega (bug) and worse than regular Tyranitar (rock).

Mega Pinsir is current best bug type. Will be outclassed by Mega Heracross.

Bug types

(I realize this is basically what I said in TL;DR. Skip to the plots if you like.)

Volcarona is best non-mega bug, only behind Mega Pinsir. It outperforms Mega Scizor and Beedrill, Shadow Pinsir and Scizor, and Pheromosa (in estimator).


Bug’s main role is anti-psychic, so they compete with dark and ghost. In that capacity, Volcarona is only comparable to Chandelure. Below Hydreigon, shadows, Darkrai, Shadow Force Giratina-O.


Kleavor has no bug fast moves, welp. With Quick Attack, it would have been at the bottom of my charts – worse than stuff like Golisopod, but fine if you desperately need a bug type.

Even IF it gets Fury Cutter in the future, it’s only as good as Vikavolt, Genesect and Yanmega. Above non-shadow Pinsir and Scizor, but below Volcarona and shadows. Not competitive as anti-psychic.

  • Kleavor > Scizor. If you can wait for years to evolve your Scyther, especially shadows, then wait.

Mega Pinsir is best bug. Better than Mega Scizor in raw power. Mega Heracross will outclass it in raw power. (Bulk/boosting concerns TBD.)

Here are some OUTDATED plots from a previous article in August:

Kleavor with Quick Attack would be below (2) and (3). Kleavor with Fury Cutter would be between Genesect and Yanmega.
Giratina-O here is with Shadow Ball, not Shadow Force.

Fire types

Volcarona is virtually identical to Darmanitan and Chandelure.

Worse than Reshiram and shadows. L30 FF Reshriam = L45 Volcarona.

Here are some up-to-date plots that I’m planning to show for the full article:


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