0.209.0 APK Teardown, Take 2: Raid & Gym survival, and more on Quest branching

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Hello Trainers! 0.209.0 is currently rolling out to a device near you, and the PokéMiners have dug even deeper.  Sifting through the obfuscation to bring us more details from the latest APK including Pokémon Raid & Gym survival along with more on quest branching

You can read the PokéMiners’ breakdown here, and our article on the original teardown here.  Go give them an upvote! You know the drill by now, everything in this article is datamined, and therefore subject to be changed or not even being released at all.

There isn’t a whole lot here, but what was found was interesting, so let’s get into it.

Pokemon Raids & Gym Survival stats

It appears that the game will start to track some interesting stats.

  • The Pokémon that battled the longest
  • How long that Pokémon lasted in the battle
  • The point in the battle that Pokémon entered the battle

There are a few directions that they can go with this.  This could be Niantic wanting more information about Pokémon in battles, this could be related to the raid quest that’s been mined previously, we could be getting a post raid information screen with the above information or any combination of all of those options.  I really hope we get a post raid information screen.

Quest Branching

Story Choice

A few new things were added to the quest branching.

  • It looks like there will be dialogue associated with the feature, perhaps from Willow?
  • It also appears that there will be a unique button, colour, and background associated with the quest branches.
  • There are several references to viewing the story from the quest branches as well.  It appears that there will be a button that will let you view the story.


As mentioned in previous data-mines, the quest branches will have their own set of rewards just like main quests.  There apparently have been some updates to clarify that branch rewards are different from regular quest rewards.

That’s all for now, short and sweet.  Stay safe out there trainers.

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