Home News 2 sets of Luminous X/Y Event research and more spotted in Pokémon Go network traffic!

2 sets of Luminous X/Y Event research and more spotted in Pokémon Go network traffic!

2 sets of Luminous X/Y Event research and more spotted in Pokémon Go network traffic!

Hello Trainers! A new bundle of texts has been pushed to the game today, bringing us not one but two sets of Luminous X/Y event research, an AR scanning badge and more.

You know the drill by now, everything in this article is datamined, and therefore subject to be changed or not even being released at all. Credits go to Pokéminers.

Luminous X/Y Research

RESOURCE ID: luminous_x_event_name 
TEXT: Luminous Legends X 

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_luminous_x_0 
TEXT: Luminous Legends X (1/7)

RESOURCE ID: luminous_y_event_name 
TEXT: Luminous Legends Y  

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_luminous_y_0 
TEXT: Luminous Legends Y (1/7)

It looks like we’re getting two sets of research for an X/Y Luminous event.  Xerneas and Yveltal will likely each get their own set of research with 7 steps each.  I’m curious if we’ll all get both, or if we’ll have to pick one of the two similar to how the Kanto event was handled.

Xerneas Yveltal

For those who don’t know, Xerneas was exclusive to X and Yveltal was exclusive to Y

AR Scanning

New Badge

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokestops_scanned 
TEXT: Scan {0} Pokéstop and Gym. 

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokestops_scanned_singular 
TEXT: Scan 1 Pokéstop or Gym. 

RESOURCE ID: badge_pokestops_scanned_title 
TEXT: Scanner

Texts for a new badge called Scanner have been pushed.  This will be for doing AR scans of Pokéstops and/or gyms.  Bronze appears to be 1 scan, with no indication of what the rest of the badge requirements are.  This is likely Niantic’s way of trying to get more people to do these scans for them, from what I have gathered, is widely ignored by the majority of trainers.  Nothing for this badge has been added to the APK yet, so it won’t be live in-game until we get another client update.

Max Contributions

RESOURCE ID: titan_poi_scan_added 
TEXT: {0} more scanning contribution(s) will be added tomorrow. 

RESOURCE ID: titan_poi_scan_available 
TEXT: You have {0} scanning contribution(s) available today. 

RESOURCE ID: titan_poi_scan_maxed 
TEXT: You have reached your max daily scanning contribution(s) of {0}.

Apparently, you can max out your AR scans in a day…  I guess to prevent people from getting the badge to Platinum in a single day.

AR Snap field research

RESOURCE ID: quest_snapshot_wild_ducklett_chinchou_finneon 
Removed TEXT: Take a snapshot of Chinchou, Luvdisc, or Finneon in the wild 
Added TEXT: Take a snapshot of Chinchou, Finneon, or Ducklett in the wild

This particular quest was updated to reflect the correct Pokémon, and a few other ones received minor updates to change them to plural.

Conclusions and Speculations

There are a few different ways that they could go with the X/Y research, at the time this article is published there is a little over a month until the end of the Season of Legends.  The X/Y Luminous event could be the big event at the end of the season, a 2-week extravaganza to introduce Gen 6.

  • Release one after the other, one research in week 1 and the other in week 2.
  •  They make us choose, X or Y and give it a similar treatment as the Kanto Tour with version exclusives.
  • Same as option 2, but we have to buy the ticket.

Obviously, the first option would be the best option.  However, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Niantic decides to go with one of the other two, and given their penchant for ticketed events it wouldn’t surprise us if they decided to go that route.

That’s all for now trainers.   Are you excited for Xerneas and Yveltal?  Which of the two is your favourite?  Let us know in the comments!

Stay safe out there!