7-Day Research Breakthrough Reward Discovered

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Trainers, some thrifty players from around the world have figured out a way to set their phones time zone to one that is around +14 hours against GMT and therefore able to claim their tomorrows stamp now.

Disclaimer: This method is considered an exploit. We strongly advise not to break the Terms of Services of the game and wait one more day to obtain your Research Breakthrough.

By using this trick, players all around the world are finishing up their seventh day Field Research tasks, which leads to a Field Research Breakthrough and it’s time to confirm what everyone hoped for since day one: Moltres is a potential Field Research Breakthrough encounter! We don’t know if the encounter is guaranteed yet.

Moltres Field Research Breakthrough encounter
Moltres Field Research Breakthrough encounter

Additional Research Breakthrough rewards include the following items:

Stardust Pokemon GO Rare Candy Pokemon GO
2000 Stardust 3 Rare Candy 3000 XP
Ultra Ball Pokemon GO Pinap Berry Pokemon GO
5 Ultra Balls 5 Pinap Berries Moltres encounter

Details are still filtering through but it’s clear that the main reward for the first breakthrough is an encounter with Moltres. A few facts about the encounter:

  • You are able to use any berry and ball combination unlike raid encounters, which should make the capture easier
  • You are catching a Level 15 Moltres, which is not ideal for players with limited Stardust, but it’s still a Moltres! We suggest you read our Should You Spend Stardust on Gen 1 Legendaries? guide for a comprehensive breakdown of how future proof they are for Stardust investments.
  • Level 15 Moltres IVs range from 1222 CP to 1402 CP, but we’re not sure if this Moltres can go lower than 10 / 10 / 10 IVs, which translates to 1341 CP

This is good news for anyone who missed this legendary Pokemon on its first pass and the lower level encounter means that it is easier to catch then previous encounters.

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