Originally hinted by a Trainer on The Silph Road, the 7th Nest Migration started some 15 minutes ago, on 16th November 2016.

The past 3 big migrations were never more than two weeks apart, so it’s not a surprise that a new migration started today, on the 13th day after the previous one.

We are waiting for players to report changes, but we got some bad news to report.


No more “Nest change list”… unless we make one

In the past, we always tried to assemble a list of all Nest changes. We are reconsidering that decision with this migration, and unfortunately, we are likely not going to do it this time.

Nest migrations proved to be random and varied over the past 3 migratory cycles, so you can understand the thought process.

However, this does not mean that we’re 100% adamant about the decision. We just don’t want to disappoint or misinform anyone.

If a Charmander nest changed to Magmar in Yorkshire, it doesn’t mean it will change for New Zealand. At least that was the case for past 3 migrations!

What should you do?

You should head straight to the Global Nest Atlas, which has now been updated to show the 7th migration, and report your local findings. The wonderful people at the Silph Road have been updating their website with historical data and findings, so every bit of information you provide is not going to waste.

Remember to be polite and stay safe tonight, it’s Migration Night! 🙂