Pokémon GO Datamine

Hello Trainers! The APK teardown of 0.199.0 brought out some very interesting information and some hints at some pretty great features.  Read all about it here.  Niantic has started to intentionally hide things in code, so sometimes it takes the PokéMiners a little more time to really dig deep and find more information.  In this article, we’ll go through the details that the PokéMiners found in their latest digging deeper.

🚨⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️🚨

Please be aware data miners have publicly reported everything in this article (PokéMiners). Information shared through these channels is not affiliated nor approved by Niantic, and is always subject to change. Do not take it for granted, features change and get scrapped all the time. It is very important that you are aware that these things CAN and WILL CHANGE.

Additionally, this article contains my thoughts and opinions in regards to the code that was shared online – all of these should be treated as conjecture, not as hard statements. If you’re OK with that, feel free to read further. Potential spoilers ahead.


XL Candy

It looks like gaining XL candy from walking your buddy has been added, this was found in the text a while back.  Seeing it actually added is a big step, and will be a welcome addition to the list of ways trainers can earn XL candies for their Pokémon.

XL Candy from transfers has also been added twice, once as a generic reward and again as a specific reward per Pokémon ID.  Speculation is that they are looking to phase out the old way of handling earning candy in favour of a new method.

There are also things that suggest that there will be a fixed catch reward for XL candy coming.  Possibly for legendaries or 7-day field research Pokémon, or more.

More on Forms

It appears that multi-forms exist in the code and when a Pokémon is trying to change forms it pulls from that Pokémon’s form list so, in theory, any Pokémon with multiple forms could change forms.  I suspect there will be limitations to this.

When you change the form of a Pokémon you’ll be given experience and candy much like when you evolve a Pokémon.  As mentioned in the APK breakdown, these form changes will cost you candy, and possibly stardust.  You also are unable to change the form of a Pokémon while it’s in a gym, although there seems to be a server-side toggle to enable you to be able to do that.  Which seems odd.

When a Pokémon changes form it is actually replaced by a new Pokémon in your inventory, with all of its stats and information copied over.  This is the same process that the game uses to evolve Pokémon into Mega Pokémon, but not regular evolutions.  This could hint that form changes will be temporary, like Mega evolutions.

The PokéMiners were also able to confirm that the number of Form changes completed is stored.  This could lead to a few things, including a badge, or Form changes being part of special research later on, or that they’ll be displayed somewhere.

I suspect there will be a badge at the very least.


Kanto NPCs

It has also been confirmed that the Kanto NPC’s will be using the Team Go Rocket backend and will be considered a special invasion type.  This could mean that we could see different versions of Team Go Rocket released in the future.  Team Aqua/Magma anyone?

There is an Incident Priority that can be assigned, which theoretically can be used to determine if the spawn is a Grunt, a Leader, Giovanni, or an Event NPC.  There are also badges that can be associated with these invasion types, which could hint that you’ll need a specific badge in order to be able to see the specified priority.  They did say that you won’t need to purchase the ticket to get the event NPC’s for the Kanto event, so this is likely a placeholder for the future should they ever decide they need it.

Mini Collection Quest Encounter Type

The Mini Collection Quest encounter reward has been added as an encounter type.  This means that you should be able to see which Pokémon you caught as a reward for completing the Mini Collections.

Cross Game Friend Invites

It appears, as I speculated in the APK teardown article, the cross-game friend invites are simply a way to try and get your friends who play Ingress and Harry Potter to come to play Pokémon Go.

Image Gallery

There will be a separate section for voting on pictures aside from the main gallery page or the image itself.

That’s all for now Trainers, stay safe out there!