A Note to Our Readers – 0.275 “double spawn radius” update edition

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Trainers, gather around and listen, I have something important to share with you, and a request for our seasoned readers. Recently, we published a piece titled “New Update Version 0.275.0 Doubles Spawn Radius”, referring to an increase in spawn radius that was observed by players using the latest 0.275 version of the app. 

We were surprised as everyone else, since this change wasn’t communicated, nor was it discussed in any of our conversations with Niantic, but we went along with it, and decided to ask the Niantic representatives whether or not this was a bug, or a feature.

We were told it is a feature, and we acted on it, reinforcing and amplifying this information on Twitter. Actually, one of our finest writers, kittypokemonsalot, did a lot of the question answering, since she is particularly active on the platform and enthusiastic about the game. 

Unfortunately, a couple of hours later, this happened:

At this point, you may imagine how we felt, and how Kitty of all people felt. This was not what we were told, and we felt pretty hung out to dry, since we just spent the better part of the day telling people this is real. 

We pride ourselves to provide accurate, verifiable, and correct coverage. We have failed our readers, and for that I apologise.

Don’t abuse my writers

But there is another topic that I want to touch base, and that is the amount of negativity, criticism, and plain abuse, that was aimed at Kitty.

This is not acceptable. Kitty is our editor, our rock, our most active writer, and our friend, and you can trust me when I say, that every account I see shaming her for this will be blocked from GO Hub’s socials.

Our writers are here because they want to be here. They write and create content for other Trainers to enjoy. They are not Niantic. We are not Niantic. We are people like you, with day jobs, dogs, small children, parents, and obligations.

We are not the ones doing this. We were also tricked.

So please. Respect GO Hub writers, especially women, and especially Kitty. In this day and age, where we lost so much of the Pokémon GO community, don’t touch my writers.

Bring your pitchforks and torches to the right door. GO Hub’s door ain’t the door you’re looking for. We are trying our best here. It should go without saying that this doesn’t mean redirecting harassment to Niantic employees.

And if this post doesn’t relate to you – and I hope it doesn’t since the vast majority of our readers are decent human beings – you have my love and appreciation for reading our articles for the past 7 years.

Yours trully,


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