we’re reopening the Community Guide submissions again! This means you can join the glorious ranks of GO Hub’s community writers and earn yourself a 30$ Gift card! Easy money if you ask me.

The last “season” of Community guides was a complete success with more than 30 published and 45 submitted guides. This time, we’re going for something even better:

For every 4 guides you write and we publish, you’ll receive 30$ from GO Hub for your effort and hard work. 

You read it right, it’s 10$ more and 1 guide less than last season to get payed. We believe in paying people for the effort they put in into creating guides and helping us grow the site. We earn from ads, it’s only fair if people who contribute also earn.

Also, with this change, we’ll be resetting the leaderboard and starting a fresh! This is how the leader board looked at the end of Generation I season!

SeanTr0n 6
Larian 6
Chateranga 5
CarrotKing37 5
BroTaiTom 2
TeddybearXD 2
jovjov14 2
marcosm8 1
Cleopterix 1
RobinnhoodZz 1
rodccar 1
Legiosnirvana 1
TheMoonMafia 1

Without further ado, here’s the link:

Submit your guide!

You can submit your guide here.

Happy writing and let the best writer win!

Owner of GO Hub