Alolan Geodude Community Day Research, Quests, and Ticket Gifting found in network traffic

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Hello Trainers! Niantic has pushed some updates today, including the Alolan Geodude Community Day texts, some ticket gifting texts, and more.

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. Keep that in mind as we go through his. All of this information is publicly provided by the PokéMiners and is included along with some of my own commentary.

** Spoiler warning **

There are potential texts from the Alolan Geodude Community Day Special Research.  So if you don’t want to have that special research questline spoiled then click away now!

Alolan Geodude Community Day

RESOURCE ID: community_day_alodude_event_name
TEXT: Community Day: Alolan Geodude

Alolan Geodude Community Day is almost here! If you missed the announcement, or the day’s details check out our post all about it here.

The Ticket – A Rocky Road Research

RESOURCE ID: ticket_alodude
TEXT: Ticket for the A Rocky Road Research story available in the shop

RESOURCE ID: general1.ticket.2_alodude_description
TEXT: A ticket to access the A Rocky Road Special Research on May 21, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are. Details can be found in the in-game News.


RESOURCE ID: general1.ticket.2_alodude_title
TEXT: A Rocky Road

RESOURCE ID: item_event_ticket_pink_desc
TEXT: A ticket to access Special Research on May 21, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are.

RESOURCE ID: item_event_ticket_pink_desc_alodude
TEXT: A ticket to access Special Research on May 21, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are.

Texts for the ticket have been added.

Ticket Gifting Texts

RESOURCE ID: item_event_ticket_pink_to_gift_name
TEXT: Extra Ticket

RESOURCE ID: item_event_ticket_to_gift_desc
TEXT: Extra event ticket from a purchase error. You can send it to another friend or get refunded.

RESOURCE ID: error_has_unsent_gift
TEXT: You can gift your extra ticket from the Item Bag

RESOURCE ID: gifting_error_description
TEXT: We are sorry. 
Your gift could not be sent, because the recipient obtained the Event Ticket before the purchase could complete. You can choose a new friend to send this to now. 
If you would like a refund, you can request one through your app store.

RESOURCE ID: gifting_error_refund_button

RESOURCE ID: gifting_error_send_to_friend_button

RESOURCE ID: gifting_error_title
TEXT: Gift Unable To Send

The text’s for sending tickets to your friends, along with some error messages and the ability to get a refund for an extra ticket.


RESOURCE ID: move_name_0368 
TEXT: Rollout

The Community Day move Rollout has been added.


RESOURCE ID: photobomb_five_alodude
TEXT: 5 surprise encounters with Alolan Geodude in GO Snapshot

RESOURCE ID: spawn_alodude
TEXT: More Alolan Geodude are appearing in the wild

RESOURCE ID: bonus_cd_move_alodude
TEXT: Evolve Alolan Graveler to get an Alolan Golem that knows the Fast Attack Rollout

RESOURCE ID: bonus_implicit_social_alodude
TEXT: If enough Pokémon are caught with help from a single Lure Module, the 3× Catch Stardust bonus for Trainers near the Lured PokéStop will become a 4× bonus for 30 minutes

RESOURCE ID: bonus_3x_catch_xp_alodude
TEXT: 3× XP for catching Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: bonus_2x_candy
TEXT: 2× Catch Candy

RESOURCE ID: bonus_2x_xl_candy_chance
TEXT: 2× chance to get Candy XL from catching Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: bonus_4x_catch_stardust
TEXT: 4× Catch Stardust

Texts for the bonuses have been added as well. It’s interesting that they’ve added 3x catch XP for catching Pokémon to the Community Day bonuses as there’s no mention of that on the blog. It could be a typo for the 3x stardust they have announced, so don’t get your hopes up.

For those wondering as well, the 4x Catch Stardust is the bonus trainers will get for catching enough Pokémon around a single lure.


RESOURCE ID: quest_alodude_catch
TEXT: Catch {0} Alolan Geodude

RESOURCE ID: quest_alodude_evolve_a
TEXT: Evolve {0} Alolan Geodude

RESOURCE ID: quest_alodude_evolve_b
TEXT: Evolve {0} Alolan Graveler

RESOURCE ID: quest_alodude_snap
TEXT: Take {0} snapshots of Alolan Geodude

RESOURCE ID: quest_dude_catch
TEXT: Catch {0} Geodude

RESOURCE ID: quest_dude_evolve_a
TEXT: Evolve {0} Geodude

RESOURCE ID: quest_dude_evolve_b
TEXT: Evolve {0} Graveler

RESOURCE ID: quest_dude_snap
TEXT: Take {0} snapshots of Geodude

Quests for Community Day, it’s a pretty standard set.

Special Research

RESOURCE ID: quest_complete_alodude
TEXT: A Rocky Road

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_alodude
TEXT: A Rocky Road

As mentioned earlier, the special research is called A Rocky Road

Step 1

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_alodude_0
TEXT: A Rocky Road (1/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_0_0
TEXT: %PLAYERNAME%! Wonderful to see you.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_0_1
TEXT: You may know this already, but some Pokémon have different forms depending on the region they appear in, like Geodude. In most places, Geodude are described as being very similar to rocks—so much so that many Trainers mistake them for boulders.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_0_2
TEXT: Uniquely, the Geodude found in Alola are Rock- and Electric-type, while the Geodude found in Kanto are Rock- and Ground-type. Fascinating, don't you think?

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_0_3
TEXT: You know, if you accidentally step on an Alolan Geodude, you'll hear a crunching sound and feel a shock ripple through your entire body.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_0_4
TEXT: I’d read about this phenomenon some time ago, but I was, er, “lucky” enough to experience it myself earlier today. Suffice it to say it left me feeling electrified!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_0_5
TEXT: Why don’t you head out to find some Alolan Geodude for yourself? Just make sure to watch your step!

Note to self, don’t step on an Alolan Geodude. Probably good advice for most Pokémon to be honest…

Step 2

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_alodude_1
TEXT: A Rocky Road (2/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_1_0
TEXT: Welcome back, %PLAYERNAME%! I see you had no trouble finding Alolan Geodude.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_1_1
TEXT: When Alolan Geodude evolves into Alolan Graveler, it becomes even more impressive. Alolan Graveler’s food of choice is a mineral called dravite. After eating it, crystals form inside the Pokémon, rising to the surface in some parts of its body.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_1_2
TEXT: Oh! And this fact’s my favorite: When two Alolan Graveler clash, it fills the surrounding area with flashes of light and sound. People call it the “fireworks of the earth”!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_1_3
TEXT: You know, I’d really like to see Alolan Graveler for myself. Think you can help me out, %PLAYERNAME%?

Fireworks of the Earth sounds really neat.

Step 3

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_alodude_2
TEXT: A Rocky Road (3/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_2_0
TEXT: Well done! That’s a mighty Alolan Graveler you’ve got there.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_2_1
TEXT: I’d love to see those “fireworks of the earth” for myself, but...maybe later. And much farther from my lab.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_2_2
TEXT: In any case! While you were away, I continued with some field research of my own. I saw the most curious thing—an Alolan Geodude flying through the air!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_2_3
TEXT: I suspect it was the work of Alolan Golem, the Evolution of Alolan Graveler. Alolan Golem can shoot large rocks that are charged with electricity. However, because it can’t fire boulders at a rapid pace, it’s been known to grab nearby Geodude and fire them instead.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_2_4
TEXT: Can you do some research to help me understand what I saw?

Now I can’t get the image of Alolan Golem tossing Geodude around.

Step 4

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_alodude_3
TEXT: A Rocky Road (4/4)

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_3_0
TEXT: Ah, you’re back—and with an Alolan Golem!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_3_1
TEXT: Alolan Golem are known to be grumpy and stubborn. If you upset them, they discharge electricity from the surface of their bodies and let out a growl that sounds like thunder.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_3_2
TEXT: Between that and their penchant for launching Geodude in lieu of boulders, we’d best be careful around Alolan Golem.

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_3_3
TEXT: You have an incredible knack for befriending Pokémon, though, so I’m sure you’ll be the best of pals in no time!

RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_alodude_3_4
TEXT: Thanks for assisting me with my research today, %PLAYERNAME%. It always “rocks” to have your help! Heh heh... See you next time!

It “rocks” to help you, Professor!

Generic Quests

RESOURCE ID: quest_explore_buddy
TEXT: Earn a Candy exploring with your buddy

RESOURCE ID: quest_explore_buddy_plural
TEXT: Earn {0} Candies exploring with your buddy

RESOURCE ID: quest_explore_km
TEXT: Explore {0} km

RESOURCE ID: quest_snapshot_wild_water_singular
TEXT: Take a snapshot of wild Water-type Pokémon

Some generic quests have been pushed as well.

Premium Battle Passes

RESOURCE ID: paidraidticket.3_description
TEXT: A pack of 3 Premium Battles Passes, which can be used to join a Raid Battle or enter the premium GO Battle League.

RESOURCE ID: paidraidticket.3_title
TEXT: 3 Premium Battles Passes

A three-pack of Premium Battle Passes appears to be coming soon.

That’s all for now trainers, are you excited about Alolan Geodude Community Day? Let us know in the comments and stay safe out there!

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