Altered Giratina Legendary Raid Hour: September 25 at 6 PM

Trainers, just a quick reminder that Altered Giratina Raid Hour is taking place today, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. Please be sure to read up on our Legendary Lunch Hour: Event Guide and Giratina Altered Forme Counters Guide before hand. Tom’s Giratina (Altered Forme) Heat Map is an amazing resource for advanced players. Here’s a quick list of counters Giratina Altered Forme Raid Hour:

Altered Giratina Heat Map

Simulator data for Altered Giratina Counters

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Dialga Dragon Breath Draco Meteor 746.5s 17
2. Garchomp Dragon Tail Outrage 741.4s 18
3. Palkia Dragon Tail Draco Meteor 728.2s 23
4. Rayquaza Dragon Tail Outrage 699.0s 26
5. Salamence Dragon Tail Draco Meteor 704.8s 26
6. Dragonite Dragon Breath Outrage 748.7s 26
7. Giratina Dragon Tail Shadow Ball 802.6s 23
8. Mamoswine Powder Snow Avalanche 825.6s 25
9. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Shadow Ball 818.2s 27
10. Latios Dragon Breath Dragon Claw 788.8s 29
11. Tyranitar Bite Crunch 923.6s 19
12. Weavile Feint Attack Avalanche 833.4s 29
13. Gengar Shadow Claw Shadow Ball 741.5s 37
14. Togekiss Charm Dazzling Gleam 925.8s 22
15. Glaceon Ice Shard Avalanche 854.2s 30
16. Gardevoir Charm Dazzling Gleam 878.9s 26
17. Latias Dragon Breath Outrage 876.3s 28
18. Granbull Bite Play Rough 952.6s 27
19. Groudon Dragon Tail Earthquake 1046.3s 22
20. Ursaring Shadow Claw Play Rough 1003.9s 26
21. Exeggutor Dragon Tail Dragon Pulse 929.6s 34
22. Rampardos Smack Down Outrage 909.9s 37
23. Honchkrow Snarl Dark Pulse 908.4s 36
24. Gyarados Bite Outrage 1001.3s 30
25. Absol Snarl Dark Pulse 913.1s 37
26. Snorlax Lick Outrage 1159.4s 17
27. Giratina Shadow Claw Dragon Claw 1069.3s 26
28. Houndoom Snarl Foul Play 953.4s 36
29. Flygon Dragon Tail Dragon Claw 987.4s 33
30. Mismagius Hex Shadow Ball 959.8s 38

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