An update on Adventure Sync: everything debunked, changed and revealed

Pokemon GO Adventure Sync
Pokemon GO Adventure Sync

Trainers, Adventure Sync has now been available for a while and the player base managed to figure out a lot of its nuances. From barely working Fitbit support, to treadmills and Samsung Health, this guide lists everything that was confirmed or debunked in respect to the latest cumulative knowledge of Adventure Sync.


“Fitbit data can be used using FitToFit and other Fitbit importers”although initially there were some signs that Fitbit data could be imported fully or at least partially, latest results show that you can’t use any Fitbit data. Apparently, Adventure Sync knows it’s “external data” and doesn’t allow it to sync. Sorry Fitbit users.


“Samsung Health doesn’t work with Adventure Sync”although Niantic’s Press department was adamant that Samsung Health is not supported, that doesn’t seem to be true, as several different users reported Adventure Sync working despite not having Google Fit installed.


Stardust rewards were severely reduced, now rewards 500 Stardust for 25 KM and 1500 Stardust for 50 KM, if you receive that reward bundle. We’re not pleased with this change, but given that Adventure Sync passively rewards you for the cumulative movement time spent moving, it makes sense that it’s not that powerful.


Adventure Sync resets at 09:00 AM (local time) every Monday. The infamous weekly rewards are displayed as a generic Pokemon GO popup with just one button. Clicking the button will claim rewards.

You get rewards for all fitness goals you completed, not just the highest one

Battery saving features will interfere with Adventure Sync, as they limit background processing features used by Adventure Sync. If you want to have top notch AS performance, battery saver is not your friend.

Adventure Sync only works correctly in the background, as otherwise it is overtaken by Pokemon GO’s normal distance tracking (which is definitely the worse option, given how (in)accurately it tracks distance)

Treadmill support works only if you keep your phone in your pocket and that’s about it. If you try to Fitbit it, import it manually, do anything else that isn’t considered “normal” usage, it won’t work.

The game is crashing a lot more since the Adventure Sync update went live.

Wheelchair support is not yet activated, although it’s implemented in the APK

And there you have it. We’ll update our Adventure Sync in Pokemon GO: everything you need to know guide soon.