today we ran a QA thread on Twitter which resulted in a series of interesting question we will answer in more details here. If you want to participate in the next QA session, make sure you follow us on Twitter!

QA Session March 13

Does Apple Watch or iPhone count more correctly for Egg Incubating/Distance? Per walking/cycling? – Four Ten

No, unfortunately not. It was confirmed that Pokémon GO Plus users have better tracking using that accessory, however iPhone and Apple Watch trainers “enjoy” the same tracking as Android users.

In all honesty, this still doesn’t justify GO Plus purchases for us, as detailed in this article: Pokemon GO Plus Review: Don’t drink the Kool Aid.

Are u thinking of starting a Youtube chanel any time soon One more question do u really pay ppl 30 $ per blog? – JoeManBro

We firmly believe into compensating our community for the hard work they do, especially for Community (User) Guides they submit. User Guides have become an important content for the GO Hub and we do not take our writers likely. For all the effort they do, we provide them with 30$ for 4 guides.

As far Youtube goes, we haven’t had any thoughts on that. We feel that Youtubers like Trainer Tips, Reversal, Mystic7 and Twitendo do a great job already. We feel like most of what we share is and should be text based.

How many of you run this account and blog? I always wondered – Jasmin

There’s one admin and a few contributors from our local playing group. Twitter and Facebook is run by the sole admin, and contributors work on the web.

We are currently looking for more Community Contributors.

In the app’s TOS, Facebook is mentioned as a 3rd log in option. Speculating we see a FB integration soon? – Lightning Lemons

It’s almost confirmed that Facebook login and deeper integration is coming soon. People have been sharing in game screenshots on Facebook since the launch, so it makes sense for Niantic to introduce Facebook.

Apparently the chance of getting evolution items from PokéStops has gone up…Is this true? I haven’t gotten any yet though – Hemanth

We haven’t observed a similar phenomena. On the other hand, we’ve been slacking with data collection since our drop rates analysis (Gen 2 PokéStop Item Drops: Berries and Evolution Items changed it all!). Maybe we should look again into it?

Should we still hold on to “SAVE YOUR CANDIES”? – Jay Muni

You should. It has been a while since the last event, so we are quite confident to say that an event should take place soon. St. Patricks day? Maybe, no confirmation on that one. But Niantic is definitely cooking something.

When will you be done with the battle dex list I’m very excited to see it – JANIERO JONES

Battledex is coming slowly together, there are now 4 solid guides, with more on the way. We have no definite deadline for it’s completion, but it will probably happen in March.

The Battledex is something we always wanted to have and we see it as a platform for future PvP and Gym guides, so we do not take it lightly.

The community authors are hard pressed to document, verify and test their Gym battles and moveset testing, so we are very excited and careful to publish every single guide.