Pokémon Spotlight Hours and Mystery Bonus Hours continue in April with 4 mini events, taking place every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. local time. In April, each event will feature both a special Pokémon and a different in-game bonus for participating, essentially combining both events into one.

The following Pokémon Spotlight Hours and Mystery Bonus Hours are happening in April:

April Spotlight Hour Schedule
Date Pokémon Bonus
April 7 Purrloin 2x Catch XP
April 14 Magnemite 2x Catch Candy
April 21 Wobbuffet 2x Transfer Candy
April 28 Pidgey 2x Evolution XP

Magnemite Spotlight Hour overlaps with the Pokémon GO Spring Celebration Event 2020, which runs from April 9 through April 16. Pokémon GO’s Spring Celebration features double hatch Candy and increased duration of Lucky Eggs, which makes this a great opportunity to take a walk, catch some Magnemite and get a metric ton of Candy from catches and hatches. Go on a walk only if your country or state is not limiting movement due to COVID-19 safety measures.

With the exception of Magnemite, April’s featured Pokémon don’t include any meta relevant Pokémon, both for PvP and PvE. Magneton and Magnezone are somewhat useful in Trainer Battles and quite useful in Raids, so these are worth farming and evolving.