On May 19th 2018, Pokemon GO Hub ES and Pokemon GO Hub LATAM held a Charmander catching contest in LATAM, promoted through a huge social media effort rallied around the #HolaNiantic hashtag. The idea was to raise awareness about Latin America in Niantic’s eyes and create an unofficial event for participating trainers. The contest and the social campaign were a huge success, getting attention even from John Hanke himself. Today, we’re sharing the results and the winners of the catching contest.

The day has come, we finally finished counting the catches from thousands of Latin American trainers that have posted their screenshots to Twitter and Instagram to participate.

But, before we announce the winners, let’s look at some interesting data:

  • More than 9500 tweets were posted with the hashtag we proposed, #HolaNiantic!
  • More than 3000 Instagram posts as well!
  • Distribution of the hashtag per country:

  • #HolaNiantic has been Trending Topic of Twitter in México, Perú, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.
  • A total of 42 communities came together to support the project.
  • 19 Youtubers from Latin America, Spain and USA supported this project.
  • The video of #HolaNiantic in YouTube has more than 5700 views. Check it here!

  • John Hanke and Omar Tellez (Niantic’s CEO and VP Business Development) have used the hashtag on their personal Twitter accounts.

  • Niantic’s official Twitter account has used the hashtag to promote 2 job openings on Brazil and Mexico.

We believe this initiative has reached its goal: Niantic has seen Latin America and its people’s desire to participate in official events. Now the communities are more united than ever!

Well, let’s go to the most expected part: the winners!

Individual Trainer

The Latin American player with the most captured Charmander is Daniel Ochoa (@Huancani) with 315 catches!

Congratulations Dani! You are the winner of a Go Plus and a Pokémon Go Hub T-shirt.

Country results

As you all know, there were 20 participant countries. In this category, each one is represented by its 5 best trainers: the ones with the higher captured Charmander count.

The winner country is ARGENTINA with a grand total of 1224 catches! Argentina’s top trainers are:

Congratulations to all! You will receive a Pokémon Go Hub T-shirt for this achievement!

We also want to give a shout-out to the following countries:

  • Colombia: 1121 Charmander.
  • México: 1099 Charmander.
  • Perú: 990 Charmander.
  • Chile: 917 Charmander.
  • Brasil: 911 Charmander.

YouTuber results

Finally, the 19 YouTubers from all around the world that supported this initiative and helped giving voice to Latin America have participated in the Challenge, too! The winner is LioGames with 260 caught Charmander!

Congratulations Lio! We invite you to watch his video about the Community Day:

Subscribe to his channel and follow him and Clau (who’s with him in every video) on their social media:

We want to thank every single trainer, community and content creator that has been involved in this project in any way, making #HolaNiantic as strong as it is! Everyone has done an excellent job, the impact this has had speaks for itself!

Special mention

The original idea and its development comes from Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina. It was created for the launching of Pokémon Go Hub LATAM. They have also created this incredible video with footage from all Latin America, to give a closure to this project, watch it now!


Youtubers that supported this initiative:

Mystic7 (USA), ProdigiesNation (USA), Reversal (Holland), Keibron Gamer (Spain), David Petit (Spain), Paranoias Gamers (Spain), Lio Games (Spain), SoninGame (Spain), Midesades 5665 (Spain), Orni Games (Spain), Swagron333 (Chile), Diego (Argentina), MadPili (Argentina), TigerGames (Brazil), Mestre Pokémon Go (Brazil), Ch3vi Tv (México), 8Bit CR (Costa Rica), Josedu Games (Perú) y PeterDPerú (Perú).

Communities that supported this initiative:

Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina, Pokémon Go – Bahía Blanca, Punta Alta y Alrededores, Poke Go Oeste, Escuadrón Squirtle – Bolivia, PokéPoa – Pokémon Go em Porto Alegre, Alto Mando PGO L.A. Chile, PokeGO Chile, Pokémon Go Llay-Llay, Pokémon Go Colombia, HUNTERS, Pokémon Go Costa Rica, Pokémon Go Manabí, Pokémon Go Community SV, Pokémon Go Guatemala, Pokémon Go CDMX Equipo Sabiduría, Legión Pokémon CDMX, Pokémon GO Monterrey, Pokémon Go Trainers Monterrey, Pokéviajeros MX, Entrenadores Pokémon Go México, Pokémon Go México: Liga de Campeones, Team Bondojito, Escuadrón Squirtle MX, Pokémon Go Equipo Yucatán, Pokémon Go CDMX Oficial, PokéBotAlert, GO QRO, Pokefighter, Pokémon Go GDL, Pokémon Go Nicaragua, Pokémon Go Raids Panamá, Pokémon Go Paraguay, PokemonGo Paraguay, Pokémon Go Perú Comunidad Oficial, PoGo Perú, Pokémon Go Perú, Team Valor Cusco Oficial, Pokémon Go RD, Pokémon Go Uruguay, Pokemaníacos, Pokémon Go Margarita and PokeGo_Vzla.