Chrales Stream shows Gen 4 models leaked in network traffic: Hype!

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Trainers, they hype train is already off the rails, not only did today did we see the push of the iOS 1.91.1 update equivalent to the recent Gen 4 Android Update, 0.123.1, but we saw a glimpse of the CP rework briefly before Niantic retracted it, most likely due to a bug where changed Pokemon required a potion. Then, Chrales announced that he would stream and WHOO was the stream a big deal.

Long story short: Gen 4 Sprites actively in the game, setting the stage for a Generation 4 release as soon as the recent updates get forced (knowing my luck, as soon as I publish this article). Not to mention we have a very incubator heavy sale in the shop now, as of 1PM PDT, so Niantic seems to be hinting towards needing to hatch some of the new Pokémon, which would make sense as there are a lot of babies this Generation.

In his viewing, he showcased the mons, with some notable absences, like some mythicals and others with odd mechanics like the multi-form Burmy. Beyond that, his showcase seemed to show they have their unique attacking animations, as well as their shiny forms present. Without further ado, we got some pics to showcase this! (We wont have EVERY single one showcased here, then this would be a giant gallery. At the time of publishing, Chrales is still streaming here)

Now is a good time to be hyped. Assets are in, we saw the CP rework, updates for iOS and Android are out, now it just needs to be forced and Generation IV, however Niantic plans to release it, is ready to go out! We will let you know when, get ready to go out and hunt Trainers!

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