January and February 2024 Community Day Pokémon Revealed!

The Pokémon Company International have revealed the first three Pokémon to star in Pokémon GO Community Day in 2024! We have a Classic, and two Community Days, with only one new shiny family being released.

Rowlet Community Day


Rowlet Community Day is the first Community Day of 2024, taking place on January 6th, 2024. It is likely that Decidueye, Rowlet’s final evolution, will learn the Grass type Charged Attack Frenzy Plant as is the tradition for Grass type starter Pokémon. The Rowlet family has amazing shinies, with a mint green for Rowlet, and deeper teal shades for the evolutions.

Shiny Rowlet Shiny Dartrix Shiny Decidueye

Porygon Community Day Classic

Porygon Community Day
Porygon Community Day

Next up we look back to September 2020, with Porygon Community Day Classic on January 20th, 2024. The original event had triple Catch XP as a bonus, so it is likely we will see this return, along with timed research or field research that rewards both Upgrades and Sinnoh Stones that are needed to evolve into Porygon2 and Porygon-Z. Porygon-Z will learn the exclusive Charged Attack Tri-Attack.

Shiny Porygon Shiny Porygon2 Shiny Porygon-Z

Chansey Community Day


And finally, as we head into the month of romance, Chansey is the star of their very own Community Day on February 4th 2024. Chansey has already had their whole shiny family released in Pokémon GO, and is a boosted shiny odds Pokémon. It will be interesting to see what special move the popular gym defender Blissey is given. It is likely that Happiny will feature in 2km eggs during the event, as we have seen with Togepi, Elekid and Magby previously.

Shiny Happiny Shiny Chansey Shiny Blissey

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