Community Day #1 info: shiny Pikachu rate increased, Surf bonanza and other PSAs

Pokémon GO Community Day
Pokémon GO Community Day


here’s your quick rundown of tips and tricks observed during the early hours of the Community Day event:

  • Shiny Pikachu rate is increased during the event and it’s very easy to find a good IV shiny Surfachu, early reports indicate 10% of event Pikachu are shiny, but that sounds a bit too high
  • Community Day Pikachu is very common – it’s literary everywhere
  • Community Day spawns vanish immediately at the end of the event
  • Incense and lure will predominantly attract Pikachu
  • Lured spawns seem smaller than wild spawns – don’t miss them
  • All (or at least overwhelming majority) Pikachu spawned during the event have Surf Water 2 bar
  • Raichu evolved from “Surfachu” can not get Surf
  • Pikachu evolved from Pichu can get Surf
  • You can mass select / transfer Surfachu, it is not considered an event Pokémon
  • Charge TMs can produce Surf on an older Pikachu

And that’s more or less it, it’s a small scale event that features Pikachu. If this event is anything to judge by, future Community Days will be a mass evolution / capture festivity — especially if it features a Pokémon relevant to the current metagame.

Our suggestion is to set a camp with the highest density of Gyms and Stops in our local area and do the following:

In game

  • Have lures on during the entire event (lures also last for three hours)
  • Complete any level raids during the event
  • Have Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces on during the event

Off screen

  • Chat with friends we haven’t seen in a while
  • Promote new Pokémon GO features to players who haven’t been playing in a while

Shiny Pikachu with Surf

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