Cutiefly Teased on Social Media

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Hey there, trainers! Cutiefly and Ribombee are possibly making their Pokémon GO debut in April. Here’s what you need to know.

The Tweet

Recently on Twitter, this image was tweeted out by Pokémon GO India

                   “This Pokémon might be tiny, but get ready for a big debut!”

Cutiefly, and Ribombee

If you look carefully, on the left-hand side of the cell phone screen, you can spot out a silhouette of a bee. This is none other than Cutiefly, the Bee Fly Pokémon from Generation 7 (Alola) with a dual typing of Bug and Fairy


It will take 50 candies for Cutiefly to Ribombee, and it seems likely we will see their debuts during a spring inspired event next month.

The Stats

Cutiefly‘s evolution Ribombee isn’t going to be a useful Pokémon at all, as a raid attacker, maxing out a very low CP of 2488, at level 50. It doesn’t have extraordinary stats either, with the attack being 198, defense being 146, and stamina being 155.


Moves Ribombee can learn are Fairy Wind and Struggle Bug for the fast move department, and Bug Buzz and Dazzling Gleam as charged moves. But who knows, it could get buffed at the last moment and see some play in PVP. We just have to wait and find out. 


I am so stoked about Cutiefly and Ribombee dropping, they are soo cute! Are you too? Let me know below. 

And until next time, trainers! Take care.

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