Data Miners Discover Giovanni, Giovanni Badge, GO Rocket Leaders and Grunt Decoys

Giovanni Team GO Rocket

Trainers, a lot of Team GO Rocket and Giovanni code was just added to Pokémon GO’s hidden Game Master file. Giovanni, Rocket Executives, a new Giovanni badge and Team GO Rocket decoys code is now available, but not yet live.

The information was relayed by Pokémon GO data miners and it contains potential spoilers for future in-game events and features. Please be advised that information shared by data miners is not endorsed by Niantic and can change at any moment. You’ve been warned.

Without further ado, let’s see what’s new!


The following changes were observed on October 5th:

  • The existing Rocket battle has been compressed to half its size
  • Leaders have received an updated typing
    • Arlo: Steel
    • Sierra: Dark
    • Cliff: Rock
    • Giovanni: Ground

Giovanni and Giovanni’s badge

Giovanni’s character code has been added and it describes how interacting with Giovanni is going to look like. Unfortunately, the iconUrl address is not publicly accessible, but it’s clear that Giovanni will have a special treatment, boasting a personalized title and quote. Previous data mines have revealed a small preview of Giovanni’s plans and invasion mechanisms.

  "templateId": "CHARACTER_GIOVANNI",
  "invasionNpcDisplaySettings": {
    "trainerName": "combat_giovanni_name",
    "avatar": {
      "avatar": 2
  "trainerTitle": "combat_giovanni_title",
  "trainerQuote": "combat_giovanni_quote",
  "iconUrl": "",
  "modelName": "combat_giovanni",
  "tutorialOnLossString": "type_tutorial_normal",
  "isMale": true

Hand in hand with Giovanni’s character is a brand new Giovanni badge! The badge has three target levels:

  • Defeat Giovanni once
  • Defeat Giovanni five times
  • Defeat Giovanni twenty times

We’re not sure how easy it will be to find Giovanni, but judging by the low target numbers, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

  "badgeSettings": {
    "badgeType": 59,
    "badgeRank": 4,
    "targets": [

Arlo, Sierra and Cliff added

Similar to Giovanni, Arlo, Sierra and Cliff have been spotted in the newest Game Master update:


Judging by the data mined info, Arlo is listed as Fire, Sierra as Flying and Cliff as Water user, but this could very well be temporary info. Yes, Arlo was a Team Valor memberSpark was afraid of Sierra and Blanche froze when she saw Cliff, but still, Flying out of all types?

Team GO Rocket Grunts and Decoys

In addition to GO Rocket Execs and Giovanni, new types of Grunts and decoys were added.

  • Decoy Male Female Grunts
  • Electric Male and Female Grunts
  • Ghost Male and Female Grunts

These seem generic, but the addition of dedicated Electric and Ghost could be a simple bug fix for mismatched taunts and dialogues. Check our Team GO Rocket Battle Guide for more information.