Data Mining Report: Abra Community Day, Buddy Up, Incense Day and more!

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Hello Trainers! A lot of interesting text was recently pushed into the game by Niantic, Including more details on the Abra community day, and the exclusive move!!

Just a warning, many who have downloaded this update have indicated that it is fairly buggy, so download with caution.

🚨⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️🚨

Please be aware that everything posted here has been publicly reported by data miners (PokeMiners). Information shared through these channels is not affiliated nor approved by Niantic, and is always subject to change. Do not take it for granted, features change and get scrapped all the time. It is very important that you are aware that these things CAN and WILL CHANGE. Additionally, this article contains my thoughts and opinions in regards to the code that was shared online – all of these should be treated as conjecture, not as hard statements. If you’re OK with that, feel free to read further. Potential spoilers ahead.

With that said, let’s get into it!


  • Abra Community Day!!
    • Community day box, with Elite TM’s
    • Abra’s exclusive move revealed
  • Volbeat and Illumise spawning worldwide
  • Incense day with 3-hour incense
  • Buddy Event


Data Mining Report: Abra Community Day, Buddy Up, Incense Day and more!
Data Mining Report: Abra Community Day, Buddy Up, Incense Day and more!

Abra Community Day

Abra Kadabra Alakazam
Pokemon GO Shiny Abra Pokemon GO Shiny Kadabra Pokemon GO Shiny Alakazam
box_community day

“Evolve Kadabra to Alakazam that know the Fast Attack Counter”
“Elite Fast TM available in the Community Day Box”
“Elite Charged TM available in the Community Day Box”
“Ticket for Investigating Illusions Special Research story in the shop”

More details on Abra’s Community Day have been released, and its exclusive move will be the fighting type move Counter.  This will give Abra coverage against one of its biggest threats in Dark types.

It also looks like we will get Elite Fast and Charge TM’s in the community day box!  Having a way to get some outside of the end of season Go Battle League reward would be awesome.

A previous datamine discovered that the Special research had been rescheduled for Saturday, April 25th, 2020.  So mark your calendars Trainers!!  It looks like Community Day is coming back!!

Volbeat and Illumise

Volbeat Illumise

“Volbeat and Illumise are appearing in the wild globally”

Is Niantic preparing to de-regionalize Volbeat and Illumise?  Or is it just for a special event?

Volbeat is currently exclusive to Europe, Asia and Oceania.
Illumise is currently exclusive to the Americas and Africa.

Let us know in the comments and on Twitter (@PokemonGOHubNet) if you see one of the two spawning outside it’s regular spawn area.

Incense Day


“Sentret lured by Incense”
“3-hour Incense duration”

It appears that Niantic is gearing up for an Incense Day event?  Probably to assist with social distancing!  3-hour incense!!  There’s also mention of Sentret being the featured Pokémon as well.

Buddy Event – “Buddy Up!”


“1/2 distance to earn a heart with your buddy”
“Buddy finds Poké Balls every 30 minutes if you’re Great Buddies”
“Buddy will bring you Souvenirs more often”
“Buddy will bring you items more often”
“Buddy will bring you more types of items”

There was also some text surrounding a Buddy event.  During which your buddy will find you Pokéballs every half hour!  It also looks like it will have features like

  • Taking longer for your buddy’s affection to run out, so it will stay on the map longer
  • Your buddy will bring you more items and more souvenirs more often
  • Easier to get your buddy excited

Remote Raid Passes


“A pack of 3 Remote Raid Passes, used to join a Raid Battle remotely.”

It looks like the remote raid passes will be available as singles, and as groups of 3.

DISCLAIMER:  This does not mean that there won’t be an option to obtain these passes for free like how regular raid passes are awarded once per day by spinning a gym.  Only that the remote raid passes will be available in the shop.

New Badges


Badges for Liverpool and Philadelphia Safari zones

Today View


Text for Spotlight hour added to the Today view

Conclusions and Speculation

Abra community day hype!!!  The fast move Counter is an interesting option for Alakazam.  it gives it some coverage against dark type for PvP, but is it overall hampered by its squishyness?

Being able to get Elite TM’s from the Community Day box would be huge!!

Incense day sounds promising as well, a 3-hour incense?!  Yes, please!  Sentret is an interesting choice as a Pokémon to highlight.  Hype for those that don’t have its shiny version!

Are you as excited as us to have Community day potentially coming back?  Let us know!!

Stay safe out there trainers!

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