Datamine Report: Share Items in Party, Up to 3 Zyguarde Cells per Route, and more!

Attention, Pokémon Trainers! The latest data mining reports are in and it appears that Niantic is working on giving the trainers the ability to share items?! You can now earn up to 3 Zygarde cells per route, plus a lot more on routes.

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now. Please read through all of this with a grain of salt – we often post data mining reports that take months to release, and we don’t want our readers disappointed. Be smart, read this like speculation, and be happy once it goes live.

All the information contained in this article has been provided publicly by data miners, and this article includes some of my commentaries. Remember, while the data miners have provided this information, always take these updates with a grain of salt. Some of these features might take a while to go live or may never go live at all.

Sharing Items Research icon

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_card_title
TEXT: Share items with your party!

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_tutorial_header
TEXT: Party Share

It appears that Niantic is working on allowing trainers to share items with other trainers when they are in a party together.

Share Item Effects

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_tutorial_description
TEXT: Share items with your party. Each party member will receive part of the item’s effects.

Right now the only hints at what trainers are going to be able to share is this message, which indicates that you’ll be able to share items that have effects. So this is likely things like Lucky Eggs, Star pieces, Incenses, etc. So potentially if one member of the party pops a lucky egg, everyone in the party will receive extra experience!

Share Button

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_share_button

There will be a button that will allow trainers to share items.

There will be limits

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_error_party_unable_to_receive
TEXT: You can’t share any more {0} today.

RESOURCE ID: party_share_avatar_gui_title
TEXT: You can share {0} {1}

RESOURCE ID: party_share_avatar_gui_title_plural
TEXT: Share up to {0} {1}

RESOURCE ID: party_share_avatar_warning_modal_no_items
TEXT: This Trainer cannot use another {0} right now.

RESOURCE ID: party_share_avatar_warning_modal_no_items_plural
TEXT: These Trainers cannot use another {0} right now.

RESOURCE ID: party_play_share_error_limit_reached
TEXT: You’ve reached the daily limit.

It looks like there will be limits to how many items trainers can share, and how many items trainers can have shared with them

Partial Rewards

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_tutorial_description
TEXT: "Share items with your party. Each party member will receive part of the item's effects."

It looks like when you share an item, the other members of the party will only share in part of the effects.

Share Messages

RESOURCE ID: party_share_item_shared_tooltip
TEXT: Shared {0}

RESOURCE ID: party_share_ticker_message
TEXT: {0} shared {1} {2}

RESOURCE ID: party_share_ticker_message_plural
TEXT: {0} shared {1} {2}

This looks like messages that trainers will receive indicating who shared what with them

Joining a Party Late or Leaving a Party

RESOURCE ID: party_share_avatar_warning_modal_some_items
TEXT: This Trainer will not receive the full duration shared.

RESOURCE ID: party_share_avatar_warning_modal_some_items_plural
TEXT: These Trainers will not receive the full duration shared.

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_error_player_not_in_party
TEXT: The Trainer has left the party and will not receive any items.

If a trainer joins a party after an item has been shared, they will only get to use it for however much time remains on the item, which makes sense. Also, if you leave the party you will no longer be able to share in the effects of any items shared within the party.

Error Message

RESOURCE ID: party_play_party_share_error_insufficient_inventory
TEXT: There was an error with item sharing. Please try again later.

Updates for Routes Research icon

Pokémon GO Routes

3 Cells Per Route

route_engagement_stats_shard_count: 3

You can now earn up to 3 Zygarde cells on a single route!

New Badges

RESOURCE ID: badge_num_unique_route_play_title
TEXT: Route Scout

RESOURCE ID: badge_num_unique_route_play
TEXT: Complete {0} unique Routes.

RESOURCE ID: badge_total_route_play_title
TEXT: Expert Navigator

Two new badges, Route Scout for the number of unique routes trainers have walked and Expert Navigator for the total number of routes walked.

Route Quest

RESOURCE ID: badge_total_route_play
TEXT: Complete Routes {0} times.

Quest for completing a non-set number of routes.


RESOURCE ID: route_creation_error_conflicting_tags
TEXT: Only one tag related to this detail can be selected.

RESOURCE ID: route_creation_error_max_tags
TEXT: You have already selected the maximum number of tags.

RESOURCE ID: route_submission_add_tags_title
TEXT: Add tags <color=#95AAAB>(Optional)</color>

RESOURCE ID: route_submission_selected_tags_label_primary
TEXT: No tags selected.

RESOURCE ID: route_submission_selected_tags_label_secondary
TEXT: Select up to {0} tags from those listed above that best describe your Route.

RESOURCE ID: route_submission_selected_tags_title
TEXT: Selected tags: (Max {0})

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_afternoon
TEXT: Best in the afternoon

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_architecture
TEXT: Architecture

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_beachy
TEXT: Beachy

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_bike_path
TEXT: Bike path

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_biking
TEXT: Good for biking

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_body_of_water
TEXT: Waterside

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_buildings
TEXT: Lots of buildings

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_city_life
TEXT: City life

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_culture
TEXT: Culture

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_foliage
TEXT: Lots of foliage

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_food
TEXT: Food

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_grassy
TEXT: Grassy

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_morning
TEXT: Best in the morning

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_muddy
TEXT: Muddy

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_night
TEXT: Best at night

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_no_parking
TEXT: No Parking nearby

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_open_space
TEXT: Lots of open space

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_parking
TEXT: Parking nearby

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_partially_paved
TEXT: Partially paved path

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_paved
TEXT: Paved path

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_plenty_pokestops
TEXT: Lots of PokéStops

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_raid_friendly
TEXT: Lots of Gyms

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_rocky
TEXT: Rocky

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_running
TEXT: Good for running

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_sandy
TEXT: Sandy

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_sightseeing
TEXT: Sightseeing

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_tree_cover
TEXT: Tree cover

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_unpaved
TEXT: Unpaved path

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_walking
TEXT: Good for walking

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_wildlife
TEXT: Lots of wildlife

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_woodsy
TEXT: Woodsy

Lots of new tags for routes. There is also a max number of tags you can apply to a route.

Tag Categories

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_category_misc
TEXT: Miscellaneous

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_category_nearby
TEXT: Nearby

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_category_suitability
TEXT: Suitability

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_category_terrain
TEXT: Terrain

RESOURCE ID: route_tag_category_theme
TEXT: Theme

Some route tag categories to help split up the plethora of route tags.

Archiving Routes

RESOURCE ID: route_status_archived
TEXT: Archived

RESOURCE ID: route_archived_modal_title
TEXT: Your Route was archived.

RESOURCE ID: route_submission_status_archived
TEXT: Archived {0}

Texts for arching routes

Partial Rewards 

RESOURCE ID: tutorial_route_play_body_3_temp
TEXT: 1. Stay near the Route’s path to ensure your progress is recorded.
2. You can complete a Route without traveling the full length of the Route, but you may earn reduced rewards by doing so.

RESOURCE ID: route_play_completion_reject_description_secondary_temp
TEXT: Please resume the Route and return to the end point when you have traveled more distance.

RESOURCE ID: route_play_partial_completion_body_primary
TEXT: You have reached the end point, but you have not traveled the full Route distance.

RESOURCE ID: route_play_partial_completion_body_secondary
TEXT: If you complete the Route now, you will receive adjusted rewards based on your travel distance. Resume the Route and return to the end point when you have traveled the complete distance to receive full rewards.

It appears that trainers will be able to earn partial rewards for completing a route without travelling the full route.

Messages for Badges Research icon

RESOURCE ID: badge_you_earned_bronze
TEXT: Congratulations!
You earned a bronze medal!

RESOURCE ID: badge_you_earned_silver
TEXT: Congratulations!
You earned a silver medal!

RESOURCE ID: badge_you_earned_gold
TEXT: Congratulations!
You earned a gold medal!

RESOURCE ID: badge_you_earned_platinum
TEXT: Congratulations!
You earned a platinum medal!

Messages for when you earn a medal.

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