Equinox Egg chart and new spawn points discovered!

Pokémon GO Equinox event
Pokémon GO Equinox event


we hope you’re properly enjoying the first day of the Equinox event and bathing in Stardust as you should. After all, even Carl Sagan once famously wrote “We are made of star-stuff”.


Let’s dive into news!

New spawn points discovered in the wild

We’ve observed that a number of new spawn points have appeared in the wild, granting increased number of Pokemon spawns. We are yet to confirm if the effect is world wide, but numerous separate reports on reddit and Twitter indicate it is.

The occurrence of new spawn points ties in with the event going live, likely hinting that Niantic wants to reward players who plan to walk and hatch this weekend.

We haven’t observed a large scale spawn points removal.

Niantic resolves the “I’m not getting double Stardust” bug

When the event went live yesterday, an interesting bug was discovered: double Stardust was not properly rewarded for several in-game actions. The bug is now fixed and the fix was confirmed by Niantic Support:

Equinox Event Egg chart is here!

The first version of the event specific egg chart is here, showing all of the Pokemon that hatch from the special event 2KM eggs. Not bad, but not stellar either – Safari Zone eggs were still a better deal.

Equinox Event Egg Chart
Pokémon Rarity
Larvitar 10%
Mareep 10%
Chansey 10%
Snorlax 0.8%
Dratini 0.3%
Tyrogue 4.6%
Rhyorn 0.3%
Remoraid 12.2%
Togepi 12.2%
Slugma 11.7%
Oddish 10.9%
Slowpoke 7.6%
Pichu 0.8%
Krabby 0.5%
Spinarak 0.3%
Gastly 0.3%
Aipom 0.3%
Zubat 7.1%