two new filter key have appeared in the text assets downloaded by Pokémon GO. These assets are used in the UI and for various translations. The two new keys are as follows: filter_key_legendary and filter_key_defender.

We are not sure if this will be only a filter key in the Pokémon search bar or it will be a new UI option, but we expect to know more when the new APK comes out:

"filter_key_defender" "defender" "ジムを守るポケモン" "défenseur" "defensor" "Verteidiger" "difensore" "방어 포켓몬" "防禦者" "defensor" 
"filter_key_legendary" "legendary" "伝説のポケモン" "légendaire" "legendario" "Legendär" "leggendario" "전설의 포켓몬" "傳說的寶可夢" "lendário"

Credits for this discovery go to ZeChrales, a member of the Pokémon GO developer community. Aside from this, a few other fixes have been observed:

  • Raikou’s model should no longer cause Errors and game crashes, no update is required, although we suggest cleaning your local app data
  • A new in-game notification has been pushed, reminding Trainers that Legendary Beasts are available in the wild. Curiously, the image assets are titled as Legendary Dogs, deepening the Beasts/Dogs/Cats debate even further. Oh my…
  • Raid Eggs are showing up all across the world, in various colors! Not everyone is super excited, but it is what it is. We’re in the process of updating our Raid Egg pages accordingly.