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How to find Porygon? Take yourself to court!

How to find Porygon? Take yourself to court!
How to find Porygon

We recently came across a theory that Porygon spawns near court and administrative buildings. As we were always interested in how to find Porygon in Pokemon GO, we decided to dig a bit deeper.

According to the initial TheSilphRoad post, after the latest nest migration Porygon is showing a surprisingly specific spawn pattern.

We data mined 2 days worth of tracker data to verify this theory and it’s true – Porygon does spawn more frequently near court buildings!

How to find Porygon

Our data set is collected from various desktop trackers (similar to PokeMesh and FastPokeMap), in various urban areas in the world. We track 35 city areas, 16 rural areas and 7 commute friendly areas (train stations, airports, etc…).

We data mined 15 MB worth of data (around 1250000 spawns and encounters) collected on previous two days and found the following:

  • Out of those 1250000 spawns, there were 378 Porygon encounters 
    • 0,03024% chance to encounter a Porygon
  • 291 Porygon spawns (76.9%) occurred near a court house or administrative related building
    • near => under 1 KM (0.621371 Mile) of distance from the court house
    • includes all urban Porygon spawns
  • Spawn breakdown
    • Note: Higher distances exclude previous distnace category
      • 291 spawns observed in under 1 KM from court/law buildings
      • 53 spawns observed in under 5 KM distance from court/law buildings
      • 34 spawns observed in more than 5 KM distance from court/law buildings
  • For calculation we used the following OSM (Open Street Map tags)

We were surprised to see that calculations with office=government calculations did not correlate with amenity=courthouse. As the results suggest, Porygon does not spawn near any government building – it spawns only near law related buildings!

Helpful tools

You can use this Open Street Map query to find court related locations in your local area. Be sure to run the query by clicking the “Run” button on the top left.

Given how rare these buildings are, we wish you good luck and happy hunting for Porygon! 🙂