Free Darkrai, Shiny Lucario, and Master Ball! – Scarlet and Violet Distribution

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Hey Trainers!

With the recent release of Scarlet and Violet’s DLC, The Indigo Disk, the Pokémon Company has released three distribution events for the Switch titles to celebrate their launch!

In order to claim these rewards in game, head to the Poké Portal in the menu. From there, scroll down to the Mystery Gift section to claim your prize!

These Mystery Gifts have been available for a while now, but these events don’t last forever. Some of these events expire within the week, so be sure to claim yours now!

Darkrai Distribution

In order to claim your Darkrai, head to the “Get with Code/Password” tab of the Mystery Gift menu, then enter the code NEWM00N1SCOMING. The Darkrai will have you as its Original Trainer, and it is contained within a Cherish Ball. It is level 50 and has the moves Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, and Dream Eater.

This is a super exciting opportunity, as legit Mythical Pokémon are hard to come by in the main series games. As a special bonus, having this Darkrai in your copy of Scarlet or Violet will allow you to transfer Darkrai from Pokémon GO into Scarlet and Violet via Pokémon HOME! Pokémon from GO are unable to be transferred into a game until a member of its species from a main series game has been registered in game. This Darkrai counts, so now you can transfer any extra shiny Darkrai from GO into the main series! Shiny Mythicals are even harder to come by, so this is definitely not an opportunity to miss.

important note: the Darkrai distribution ends December 21st. If you’re looking to take advantage of this event, now is the time!

Shiny Lucario Distribution

That’s right, a free shiny! We don’t get events like these every day!

Similarly to Darkrai, in order to claim your shiny Lucario, head to the “Get with Code/Password” tab of the Mystery Gift menu, then enter the code SH1NYBUDDY. The LUCARIO will have you as its Original Trainer, and it is contained within a Cherish Ball. It is level 75 and has the moves Flash Cannon, Aura Sphere, Bullet Punch, and Ice Punch.

This event runs until January 3rd, 2024, so even if you’re receiving the games as a gift this holiday season you’ll still be able to claim your free shiny!

Master Ball Distribution

The Master Ball is the easiest of the events to claim. Rather than entering a code, simply head to the Mystery Gift menu and select “Get via Internet”, and after a few moments, the Master Ball gift should appear!

It should go without saying that the Master Ball is the best Pokéball in the game, capable of catching any Pokémon without fail, so having more of them is always helpful! With the release of the Indigo Disk DLC, there are plenty of returning Legendary Pokémon to be captured, so this event comes at the perfect time!

Similarly to the Lucario distribution, this event will be available until January 4th, 2024. Be sure to claim this extremely rare Pokéball!


It’s hard to say which of these events is the best! Lucky for us, we don’t have to choose and can simply claim all three! Reminder that the Darkrai event ends soon, so be sure to claim it ASAP! Hopefully we’ll see many more events like this in the future!

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