GO Fest map revealed: Team Lounges, “Ultimate Gym”, PokéWalk and no alcohol

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The GO Fest map was revealed today, together with the Niantic’s permit application with the Chicago Park District. We finally have more information on how the GO Fest will look like and what activities it will feature.

GO Fest is taking place in Chicago, Grant Park’s Butler Field.

We’ll be listing the new information in no particular order, while the map is attached on the bottom of the article (requires a good smartphone or desktop PC to view).

Team Lounges

According to the map, each team will have it’s own lounge area, occupying 3 corners of the main park area. Six 60″ monitors (screens) will be placed at each Team Lounge and a Gym Video Pillar will be placed in front of the Lounge.

Main Stage and Ultimate Gym

Petrillo Music Shell, air view
Petrillo Music Shell, air view

The Petrillo Music Shell will serve as the event’s main stage, and will feature an “ultimate gym.” The main stage is placed in the fourth corner of the park, together with a huge 12’x20′ video screen and the mysterious Ultimate Gym Video Pillar. If any special Pokémon are to be released during the GO Fest, this is where it will happen.


Unsurprisingly, a number of PokéStops will be employed as Points of Interest in the PokéWalk event taking place during the GO Fest. The route is noted on the map and includes both park areas. No special event PokéStop drops are confirmed yet. It seems there is no WiFi coverage along the entire PokéWalk, but only at select locations.

15,000-20,000 attendees are expected, no alcohol

According to the permit information, Grant Park’s Butler Field will host up to 20,000 Trainers. According to Niantic’s spokesman, no alcohol will be sold at the event, even though the permit allows it.

Other info

  • Niantic will have to pay $50,805 for the permit.
  • There are 66 portable restrooms on the map
  • Food will be available at the Food Court
  • Pikachu photo opportunity will be available
  • No rides, lifts, climbing walls will be available

PGMO_GrantPark by BenMeyerson on Scribd

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