Kyarorina becomes the first Pokemon GO player to catch 1 Million Pokemon

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A Japanese Trainer has managed to catch 1 million Pokemon, becoming the first ever Pokemon GO trainer to reach this massive milestone! Kyarorina is a Japanese based Pokemon trainer with a history of catching an insane amount of Pokemon daily.

Reversal has shared this information on reddit today, showcasing a screenshot of Kyarorina’s Trainer page:

To put this into perspective, catching 1 million Pokemon means you had to catch more than 800 Pokemon daily, since the game launched. We are not sure which hunting method Kyarorina used, as the Trainer doesn’t have any social media contacts, but we did manage to find out that Kyarorina is a boy.

According to Reversal, Kyarorina hits the catch cap daily, trades 100 Pokemon each day and still manages to have a functional day job:

To put this into perspective, it’s little over 800 Catches a day since the game’s LAUNCH, absolutely insane. He hits the catch cap pretty much every single day with doing 100 trades as well whilst maintaining a daytime job. Congratulations Kyarorina!

We were able to find that Kyarorina had 607k catches in March 2019, which means he got through the next 393 thousands in the past 8 months:

Here are some additional screenshots and tweets:

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