Pokemon GO Entei Suicune Raikou
Pokemon GO Entei Suicune Raikou


a number of changes occurred over the past few hours, including the final release of Legendary Beasts: SuicuneEntei and Raikou. We divided this post into two parts: Important and Fun News.

Important News

First, the Base Capture Rate for the Legendary Beasts is set at 2%, same as Lugia. We’ve updated each Raid Guide with a handy chart showing what’s the percentage chance of catching them using various throw and Berry modifiers.


Second, Suicune moves have been changed prior to release:

  • Snarl dark is no longer available as a Quick Move, Hidden Power is now available instead

We consider this to be a small buff, as it opens up the possibility of a double water Suicune move set, which benefits from STAB for both Quick and Charge move.

Third, the game now properly downloads all Legendary Beast icons, including Shiny variants. We don’t know why Shiny forms are downloaded, but we don’t expect them to be available just yet. The following table shows the available icons:

Beast Normal Shiny

And fourth, we’ve prepared a map that shows where are the Legendary Beasts currently available. Feel free to use it everywhere you see fit, with proper credits:

Click for full resolution (2000x1500px)

And now onto the fun news!

Fun News

  • Trainers are reporting catches left and right, our Twitter is absolutely brimming with player reports, clips and images. If you’re reading this at home, or in your bed, you’re doing something wrong!
  • Players managed to kill Lugia with an army of Murkrows – video
  • Antonio, the Hub’s data mining expert, is a huge fan of Suicune. His mourning stopped only when he realized that Legendary Beasts will rotate every month. What a scrub.
  • The Legendary Beasts confirm that Niantic knows two things: Africa is an inhabited continent, and yes, there are people playing Pokemon GO there. Shout out to Cape Town trainers, enjoy your Entei care package.