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This post is updated live – make sure to check it out later today. We’ll be bringing specialized reports from Paris and Barcelona later this weekend. All times are in CEST (Central European Summer Time) and the date of this thread is September 16 2017.10:00 – 14:00

  • Miles stocks up on 2KM event eggs, see picture below
  • Porygon confirmed as 2KM event egg hatch
  • Event is going wonderfully and without major issues
  • Reduced connectivity in Paris

09:00 – 10:00

  • Confirmed: the Unown spawns at the event spell out SAFARI. In total there are 5 available letters: A F I R S.
  • La Maquinista (Barcelona) Trainer Kit is slightly different than the one in Paris

  • Confirmed: Trainers that don’t have a ticket can’t catch Pokemon at the event area
  • GO Hub get’s a shout out by the Safari Zone Announcer!
  • Trainer Kit details pictured:

  • Team lounges revealed – feature team colored seating area, branding and a fan shop. Photo frame available also:

07:30 — 08:30

  • Kangaskhan spotted!
  • Special spawns are live! Larvitar, Chansey, Unown and more.
  • Trainer Kit details discovered:
    • Wrist band, sticker, QR Code, a map and a paper Pikachu hat
  • Unown A spotted in Oberhausen, players speculate SAFARI ZONE could be the event  message
  • Oberhausen is letting people check in already
  • Event stops discovered in Paris, check in still not open
Paris Safari Zone event (08:40)

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