Lugia Raid
Lugia Raid

Trainers, we are sure that you have heard it by now, but it seems that with the Showdown event ending, Niantic loaded a wrong set of raid bosses and re-released Lugia. We’re… not quite sure what to make of this, but it is what it is: Lugia is back (for now)!

In any case, let’s see what we’re working with here:

  • the Battle Showdown event has ended, so the last set of raid bosses was loaded
  • the last set of bosses includes Lugia as a Tier 5 raid boss, not Latios / Latias
  • all Tier 5 raid eggs that hatched during the affected bug window are now… Lugia

We expect this change to be reversed / fixed quite soon, but for what it’s worth, we at least have an opportunity to have a glimpse on how Niantic loads / changes raid bosses: it’s a list, and apparently an intern loaded the wrong one (just kidding, we don’t know it was an intern, pardon, ex-intern).


So, if, by any chance a Tier 5 raid egg has hatched in your area and you are now facing the almighty Lord of the Sea, here’s what you do: read our Lugia Raid Boss counters guide and prepare to farm that flying water chicken once again! And yes, Lugia can also be shiny and people are already reporting catching a shiny Lugia during this bug!

So bizzarre.

Other bosses that returned

Last time we checked, these are the raid bosses that were in rotation before the Battle Showdown event, so we expect them to be available as well: