Lugia raids return to Pokémon GO, starting on March 16 and last until April 2 2018



Lugia is making a return to the Pokémon GO Raid system! Finally, after almost a year, we will have the chance to battle the legendary bird again. As announced by Niantic, Lugia will appear on March 16 and last until April 2, featuring a newly improved Flying type move Sky Attack.

We’re quite confused about this part, as Sky Attack is already available for Lugia, but it is possible that Niantic will rework the move before Lugia goes live. As of the time of this writing, there is nothing of note in the Game Master file.

We’ll be updating our Lugia Raid Boss guide soon with new Generation III counters, which should help with dealing with the bulky beast. A “Lugia in the meta” article is also in the works, so come back later today if you want to read an in-depth guide written by Kratos.

Is the raid cycle resetting?

To be honest, we don’t know. We’re hoping that it does, but with a shorter time frame per boss than last year. We feel that a number of Trainers have skipped their chance to get some of the bosses last year — this would be a perfect way to give them an option to “bridge the gap”.

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