March Community Day Announced: Treecko, Frenzy Plant Sceptile

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The March Community Day Announcement is here, and boy is it a good one! Maybe you’ve already guessed but, it’s none other than the tree frog himself, Treecko! When evolving this Generation III Grass type starter to its final evolution, Sceptile, we can only hope to see it become a harder hitting / glassier version of Venusaur. (making it the best pure grass type, currently, around). Sceptile will learn Frenzy Plant if evolved up to 1 hour after the Community Day. 

If the excitement of catching and evolving this cool, calm, and collected Pokémon, and its beaming shiny, isn’t enough, Niantic is bringing a Community Day FIRST! For the first time in Community Day history, all regions will be scheduled from 3pm to 6pm (in their respective time zones), on the same day!

March Community Day Event Details

Featured Pokémon Treecko (Evolves to Grovyle, then Sceptile)
Exclusive Move Unknown
Dates and Times Globally March 23, 2019,
3:00pm to 6:00pm (local time)
Bonuses and Rewards
  • Increased Treecko Spawns
  • 3-hour Lure Modules
  • 4× Incubator Effectiveness
  • Evolve Grovyle up to 1 hour after the event to obtain the exclusive CD move: Frenzy Plant

March Community Day: Treecko

Sceptile with Frenzy Plant
Sceptile with Frenzy Plant

Shiny Treecko Line

As you can see, there will be no mistaking a Shiny when you encounter it on Treecko Community Day. The bold teal/turquoise coloring of Treecko and Grovyle, along with the fiery red tail and head leaf is quite different from its regular version. It’s not until we reach Sceptile that we see the greatest difference. An entire palette change, even including the eye color.

Normal Shiny
Treecko for March Community Day Shiny Treeko for March Community Day
Grovyle for March Community Day Shiny Grovyle for March Community Day
Sceptile for March Community Day Shiny Sceptile for March Community Day

Final Thoughts

We can’t wait for March Community Day! Be sure to follow along as we will be sure to provide you with our Treecko Community Day Event Guide, Box Analysis, and any other information to prepare you for the big day!

Are you as excited as we are? Be sure to share your thoughts below in the comments!

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