New Location Card Feature Launching at Las Vegas Hoenn Tour

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 A brand new feature is coming to Pokémon GO during the Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn Las Vegas, special location cards that will show where a Pokémon is caught!

After catching certain Pokémon from in-person raids at specific locations during Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn Las Vegas, Trainers will have a chance to receive a Location Card! These new souvenir backgrounds will appear on the Pokémon’s summary page, showing where the Pokémon was caught.

Location Cards will be a new way for Trainers to remember where they caught specific Pokémon and commemorate visiting special events or locations. Location Cards will display an image on a Pokémon’s summary page related to the area where the Pokémon was caught. The Location Card will rotate with the previous Pokémon Summary page background.

The Pokémon Summary page background is where the typing of your Pokémon appears, and it can also show you their potential Mega Evolution. The background shown currently is the first of your Pokémon typings, so for Noivern a Flying type background appears, and for Mr. Mime a Psychic type background is the chosen type. This will rotate with the new Location Card if you are able to get a Pokémon with one.


Trainers will be able to work together to figure out which raids are rewarding these special Location Cards, so if you find any at the event, be sure to report them to your fellow trainers. It appears these will be set for specific raids trainers, giving a random chance for each person in the specific raid, so if you want a Pokémon with one of these cards, make sure you raid and communicate with the other trainers at the event. We don’t know what the chances are of getting one of the Location Card backgrounds yet, so be sure to report your findings if you are attending the Las Vegas event. Whether or not these Location Cards will be available for the Global portion of the Pokémon Tour Hoenn is also unknown.

We also don’t have information on what these Location Cards will look like, but it is a fun new feature to help you make memories with your Pokémon. Many trainers will keep Pokémon caught during specific events, or in specific places, so having a Location Card to mark it as coming from a special event helps! It adds a new collecting aspect to the game for the really hardcore trainers, and a cute new way to commemorate events.

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