New Rewards Introduced for Showcase Star Medal: Ph.D. Pikachu

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A set of brand new rewards have been introduced for the Showcase Star Medal! This update is live immediately, so if you have achieved any of these medals, you can claim your rewards right away. To claim the encounter if you have already got the Platinum medal, you will need to go into the medal and click on it, like the Vivillon encounters.

Bronze Medal

For achieving the Bronze Showcase Star Medal, winning a single Pokéstop Showcase, you can claim the Pikachu Ph.D. Glasses shown.





Silver Medal

For achieving the Silver Showcase Star Medal and winning 10 Pokéstop Showcases, you can claim the Pikachu PhD. Headband worn above.





Gold Medal

For obtaining the Gold Showcase Star Medal, winning 50 Pokéstop showcases, you can claim the Pikachu Ph.D. Pose.

Platinum Medal

For achieving the Platinum Showcase Star Medal, winning 100 Pokéstop showcases, you get an encounter with the brand new Ph.D. Pikachu!

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