we’ve observed a number of reports that indicate that a new Safety Net update (deployed by Google) is causing issues for a large number of Pokémon GO players.

Safety Net is a Google service for identifying and preventing threats on mobile devices that is used by Niantic to protect Pokémon GO. A new Safety New update rolled out recently and started causing havoc.

Interestingly, a redditor reported that this issue is happening regardless if you rooted your device or not:

Starting today, my and my SOs phones, (both ZTE ZMax Pros running on T-Mobile) have been receiving random SafetyNet failures. The “device or OS is not compatible” message when loading or reloading PoGo. We have been using these phones without issue for the last eight months.

And before someone asks, no, the phones have never been rooted/modified. In fact, these phones cannot be rooted; no one has been able to break the ZTE system on these phones. ZTE locked these phones down tight and as such should never fail a SafetyNet check.

I tested the SafetyNet response using a Play Store app and confirmed the response is getting a mismatch error some times. I can test it once and get a failure then a few seconds later test it again and pass.

Is anyone else having this issue? Did Google introduce a bug in an update to their the SafetyNet system API?

How to fix the issue

There is no definitive fix for the problem, but Trainers are reporting that restarting the app helps.

Affected devices

  • Multiple ZTE devices
  • OnePlus One and OPO 2
  • Redmi Note 3
  • Redmi 4
  • LG G3
  • Alcatel One Touch