New Shadow Pokemon are coming to Team GO Rocket Battles

Shadow Pokemon
Shadow Pokemon

Trainers, attention! Team GO Rocket’s influence has increased and now they can control even more Pokemon by turning them into Shadow Pokemon. Professor Willow has noticed that the following new Shadow Pokemon are now available in Team GO Rocket battles:

Professor has also discovered that Shadow Pokemon cannot learn Community Day exclusive moves unless they are purified, so that’s something to keep in mind. Turtwig Community Day is scheduled for September 15th and we’re guessing that most invasions will feature Turtwig during CD hours. Not a bad option to get a guaranteed Level 25 CD Pokemon.

We will be updating our Team GO Rocket Battle Guide with these Pokemon soon. If you want to expedite research efforts, jump over to our Discord server and help out in #research-channel. For more information about Shadow Pokemon, read our Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO guide.

Reminder: this is not the first time new Shadow Pokemon were added. Team GO Rocket’s influence is growing – maybe a new threat will appear soon… ☠️🕴️

Official announcement text

Team GO Rocket’s diabolical deeds continue! After suffering a series of battle losses, Team GO Rocket has spread their influence to more species of Pokémon, turning them into Shadow Pokémon! We need your help rescuing them!

Professor Willow and the team leaders have been scoping out the discolored PokéStops and have noticed that Team GO Rocket now has the following Shadow Pokémon:

  • Venonat,
  • Venomoth,
  • Oddish,
  • Gloom,
  • Psyduck,
  • Growlithe,
  • Abra,
  • Hitmonchan,
  • Larvitar,
  • and Turtwig.

Trainers, it’s up to you to rescue the Shadow Pokémon! Here’s how. First, encounter Team GO Rocket. Battle the Grunt and catch the Shadow Pokémon. Finally, to help it, you must purify it.

After more research, the professor has found that Shadow Pokémon can’t learn Community Day exclusive moves—likely due to their unnatural state. Be sure to purify any Shadow Pokémon featured on Community Day before evolving it so you don’t miss out on event-exclusive moves!

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