In a recent tweet from the Pokemon Go App, we have learned that a special Squirtle with sunglasses will be available as a quest reward during the July 8th Squirtle Community Day!

#squirtlesquadorriot worked! We are not sure what this field research will be, but it cannot be that hard, and hopefully it is a high chance for a squirtle with sunglasses to pop up! Our next question, can this Squirtle be shiny?

Here is the tweet below:


Hydro Cannon

In other news, Hydro Cannon has also been confirmed as the charge move for Blastoise, obtainable only when you evolve a Squirtle during the 3-hour window of your Community Day. There is something odd about the tweet however, let us look at it below.

At first glance it looks normal, but if you zoom in, you can see that Hydro Cannon will be a 3-bar charge move, different from its predecessors. We doubt this will do much to help our beloved Blastoise in the metagame, with amazing water types such as Kyogre and Gyarados existing. No matter what, once we get the damage and other statistics around Hydro Cannon, we will be sure to let you know if it is any good!

You can see the three bars of the charge move here:

Of course, we have some eye candy for you as well from our very own Couple of Gaming for you to share with your local groups!

Squad Up Everyone!

Remember that Community Day is on July 8th, 2018, and will be featuring of course, Squirtle! Other event bonuses are the 3-hour lures, and 1/4 egg hatching distance! Make sure to incubate your eggs after the event starts to get the benefits of 1/4 hatching, and remember to look at the official announcement for the time of the event in your region. Good luck everyone!