New Team GO Rocket Characters Discovered in Professor Willow’s Corrupted Files

New Team GO Rocket Characters Discovered in Professor Willow's Corrupted Files

Welp, it seems we have been tricked. Professor Willow’s corrupted folder was not possessed by Rotom, but rather corrupted by Team GO Rocket, if the official Pokemon GO Twitter account is to be believed.

A series of tweets has moved the story along, with Professor Willow now slowly recovering files from the corrupted folder. Three images were unearthed in his initial attempt, all of them featuring a silhouette of an unknown person, composed with a distinct letter R to the right. All of the images follow a visual style that’s similar to the previous Team GO Rocket media.


Possible explanation

The characters featured in the new tweets don’t follow any existing or known Team Rocket Grunt 3D models. The first tweet shows a female character striking a casual, but threatening pose. The second tweet shows a soldier looking character with a particularly muscular body type, which is very unusual for Pokémon GO. Character models with this level of fidelity are rarely introduced, unless they’re a part of a larger story line. The last tweet features a character wearing glasses, again, using a completely new model.

Although this is definitely a “No Rotom” revelation, what is it? Our guess is on new Team GO Rocket bosses or grunts, but bosses seems more likely. These characters look too distinct for the generic Grunt image, plus they follow a similar visual style to the one used to hint Giovanni.

Giovanni Team GO Rocket
Giovanni Team GO Rocket

Updates from our Community and staff:

  • Mfitzmaurice and Yaaya are theorizing the idea of three new teams – “Maybe there will now be 6 teams. 3 good ones and 3 bad ones”. That would truly be something special!