New Team Go Rocket Loading Screen hints Team Leaders, Giovanni, new Shadow Pokemon

Team GO Rocket Loading Screen
Team GO Rocket Loading Screen

Hello Trainers!!  With the newest update to Pokemon Go comes a new loading screen pulled by reddit user u/Caio_Go, and oh man is this one juicy!!  It’s speculation time folks!!

Disclaimer:  None of the information that follows is by any means confirmed, and is all the wild speculations of this very excited author.  That said, let’s get into it!!

New Shadow Pokemon

First, let’s start with the Shadow Pokemon that we can see.  There are the usual suspects, Arcanine, Houndoom, Scizor, Dragonair, Crobat and Tyranitar.  However, in the background we can see… is that Absol?  Mawile?  Meowth?

Absol and Mawile are new to the Shadow list and given they are “raid only” one has to wonder if they’ll be treated differently than the shadow Pokemon you get from Grunt battles.  Which leads me to my second observation!

Team Go Rocket Team Leaders

It appears that on the steps of what appears to be a Gym, there are three very menacing looking Team Go Rocket members.  Could these be the team leaders that were teased via the Pokemon Go Twitter account?  They even look like they could be direct counterparts to our current and beloved Team leaders, Candella, Spark and, Blanche!

One would imagine that the battles will be tougher than anything we’ve seen yet, and hopefully will come with even better rewards!


Finally, who is that shadowy figure at the top of the steps?  Well Trainers, judging by the stance and the heavy Team Rocket content I think it’s safe to assume that it’s none other than Team Go Rocket’s leader himself… Giovanni!!  Is Giovanni finally going to make an appearance in Pokemon Go?

Like I mentioned before, this is all speculation based on the new loading screen.  However, it’s safe to say that Team Go Rocket is about to pull of something big.  Bigger than we’ve seen to date, and I for one am very excited!  I mean… Eager to take them down!!

I've been playing Pokemon Go since the game launched way back in 2016, I am a loyal Valor player and also a content creator on YouTube going by the name Professor Glaw.