News roundup: 25% damage bonus during Friend Fest, all Eevee evolved during December CD to have Last Resort

December 2019 Community Day

Trainers, it’s a slow day in the world of Pokemon GO, but we’ve managed to find and collate a few smaller news items that wouldn’t be posted on GO Hub otherwise. We hope you’re all having a great Thanksgivings and Black Friday at home, let’s proceed with the news.

Best Friends damage boost confirmed to be 25%

Celandro, the main developer and author of PokeBattler, has confirmed that the Best Friends damage during Friend Fest 2019 is 25%! This discovery means that Terrakion can be easily duo raided throughout the duration of the event, as depicted in this screenshot from PokeBattler:

Our Terrakion counters guide is up to date and ready for action, so take your pick, grab a best friend and try duo raiding Terrakion while Friend Fest lasts.

Any Eevee evolved during December CD will know Last Resort

Zoe Two Dots, an Australian Youtuber and Niantic influencer, has shared that any Eevee evolved during December Community Day hours will have Last Resort. Niantic went on to clarify that Eevee caught during that time will also know Last Resort in its base form. Last Resort Umbreon is one of the top priorities during Dec CD, which makes this even better! Check out our December 2019 Community Day Priority Guide for more information.

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