Trainers, it’s a slow day in the world of Pokemon GO, mostly because of the surprise launch of Wizards Unite in the US and UK, but another contributing factor is the end of GO Fest and a relatively silent week overall. However, a few changes have happened and they are noteworthy – especially for folks attending GO Fest Dortmund and for players who play Ingress alongside Pokemon GO.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is out in US and UK

Alas, the long awaited Harry Potter AR game is out and about, but currently only in New Zealand, Australia, US and UK. This form of staged release has become a norm for Niantic and Wizards Unite follows suite. We’re working hard on WU Hub to cover the game in-depth and to integrate a database within the website itself, so check it out when you have the time. Visit Wizards Unite Hub for more information 🧙

Overall, the release seems to be going smoothly, with no server issues and major bugs. It looks like Niantic is using everything they’ve learned from Pokemon GO to ensure a smooth launch for Wizards Unite.

Cranidos spawns at GO Fest Dortmund

Dortmund attendees are in luck, as Niantic announced that Cranidos will be a featured Pokemon in Dortmund! When evolved into Rampardos, Cranidos is crazy powerful, filling the role of a Rock type Gengar – high DPS, but low survivability. We’re excited for everyone attending, as it’s expected that

Translation: “Trainers, we are happy to see you at #PokemonGOFest2019 in Dortmund in two weeks. There will be many Pokemon to discover, among them one with a particular thick skull. Which Pokemon could it be?”

Cranidos is the latest addition to the list of featured Pokemon for Dortmund GO Fest:

Pokemon GO HorseaHorsea Pokemon GO CarnivineCarnivine Pokemon GO MiloticMilotic
Pokemon GO ShieldonShieldon Pokemon GO Nidoran♂Nidoran♂ Pokemon GO MedichamMedicham
Pokemon GO ChimcharChimchar Pokemon GO UnownUnown

Changes to Ingress Portal Nominations

Ingress Portals can now be submitted from as far as 25 KM away, which sounds quite strange on the face of it, but Niantic’s reasoning is that places with bad cell coverage can be quite extensive. In addition, you can now use previously taken photos while submitting a Portal Candidate, even if you’re not at the location of where the portal is being submitting to. Niantic warned players that this change will be well monitored and reverted if they observe a drop in Portal Candidate submission quality. The change is available for everyone with Ingres 2.25.

A preview of the feature has been shared on /r/ingress by RodriTama and it looks very familiar to the existing submission process – just one extra button:

The news was posted on Ingress Community, a new official place for all things Ingress. If you’re curious on how Ingress and Pokemon GO are connected, we suggest you read through our A Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells and Pokémon GO article.

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